Which Do You Believe More: Advertising or Personal Recommendation From a Friend?

We live in a world that becomes more and more “noisy” each day!

Every where we look, there is someone trying to sell us something. How often do YOU buy from these sales pitches? How many times does it typically take for YOU to see something before you buy?

Which appeals more to you and will get you to buy faster – an advertisement or a personal recommendation and endorsement from a friend?

It’s important to remember that these days, most of us don’t trust blatant advertising. We know we are being “pitched” and sold. We are skeptical. We have doubt. We are not interested.

But a sincere recommendation from a friend is different. How many times have you ignored the commercials Personal Friend Recommendationfor a movie, thinking it didn’t interest you but then a friend says – “Oh, ya gotta see it. It totally rocks” and so you go.

That happened to me with the movie Avatar. No thanks, no interest, don’t like those Sci-Fi, Fantasy type of movies. But all my friends said I just had to see it. So, I did and I loved it!

Think about this with your Social Media Marketing plan. Are you out there just “advertising” and blasting people with promotions? Or, are you taking time to meet, interact and engage with friends? Getting to know them and their interests. And, then, when the time is right, sharing a personal story and recommendation.

There is a big difference between the two. Pay attention to how the successful people do it, and learn from that!

Share a story; don’t “pitch.”

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  1. says

    Aloha Jackie,

    Thank you for saying what seems so obvious and yet because so much of “the business world” has trained us otherwise, it takes an article like yours to “stop us in our tracks”!

    So simple and yet so profound!

    Much aloha & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂

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