A Penny From the Universe

At a class on Prosperity many years ago, I learned stop walking by pennies and random change that I might find on my daily walk or while out and about. These are gifts from God and are an assurance of the abundance that is there for us.

Now, I have to admit, there have been many times that it felt a little awkward to bend down and pick up a “lowly” penny – when out with a crowd; at an event with people I don’t know; hiking with a group, etc.

But, I have remained committed to this principle for years and have a glass jar of my “collection” on my “dream shelf.”

Last year, during a particularly stressful time, I started finding pennies nearly every day on my morning walk. I walk in a very rural area, so it’s not like there is a lot of traffic daily for pennies to just “show up!” But, nearly every day, I would find between one and three. This became my sign from God that all would be fine, and to keep the faith.

Sometimes, toward the end of my walk, I would find myself starting to feel panicked if I hadn’t found one yet. I would quickly reassure myself to relax and believe and sure enough, one would show up along my path.

This summer, I decided to really “test things” and started asking for dimes. Ask and Ye Shall Receive, right. So, ask I did. And, sure enough, dimes started to show up.

After a few months, I asked for quarters. Now, these did not come as frequently but, come they did. I feel that my belief was not as strong that quarters would show up, so I started really working on that belief! If pennies, why not quarters?

Two weeks ago, I got out of my car and 62 cents was lying at my feet.

Yesterday, I pulled 2 envelopes out of a drawer to mail something and $25 was tucked inside one.

I can try hard to rationalize that one, but I can come up with no likely reason why 1 ten and 3 five dollar bills would be tucked in an envelope, buried in a stack of 13 others. Any ideas?

I choose to believe in the abundance of the universe; in asking and receiving, as long as you believe, and the magic that surrounds us!

I would love to read your thoughts and comments below, and share some dialogue about it. Has this ever happened to you?

EXPECT Success! (And Expect a LOT!)

Jackie Ulmer


  1. Suzi Walden says

    I’m sure you recall Kevin’s story. Well, he collected pennies. Everytime since that time, when a penny appears, I call it a “Penny from Heaven”. No matter what decision I am facing, a hard day, a down day, good things happening or numerous other times, a penny will appear. This brings a smile to my face and changes my attitude or makes my day brighter knowing that not only is God watching over me, but Kevin is sitting on the right hand of our savior saying “trust” in your decision or SMILE mom! ! ! One day soon after Kevin’s death, everyone in our family (those close and very far) found a penny….same day and around the same time. These are reminders to me that we will all be together again… Pennies are precious so small, but so BIG in many many ways.

    • says


      That gave me goosebumps, everyone finding pennies. Wow! I’m glad you’ve found comfort in that, as there is no easy way to deal with the loss of a child. Even as a parent now myself, I can’t possibly fathom it. You are a rock and have been so solid over the years for your family and certainly for many of us “back in the day!” God is watching over us, and so are our loved ones!

      Love you!


  2. Paula Bishop says

    Jackie, Oh, sooo true. I lost my mom (on my birthday) nearly 12 years ago, and that is when I began to notice ‘pennies from heaven’. Maybe they were there before and I ‘walked’ past them, but since, I humbly pick them up, smile and say thanks, I have been blessed with pennies from heaven, toward the abundance in my life. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Love this Paula! My grandmother loved butterflies and I always think of her when butterflies fly around me. I am comforted feeling that she is keeping track of me! Maybe those pennies are your mom’s way of saying all is well!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  3. Shannon Tecson says

    Oh my gosh Jackie, thank you for sharing this! I thought I was the only person who went about my day and would find “pennies.” I’d find them all the time, and then came nickels and dimes and even quarters. Once I found a whole bunch of pennies sitting on a newspaper stand and thought “what a blessing!”
    Like yourself, I have those loose change in a jar to remind me how I was really blessed on those days. I must confess, that I’ve dropped the ball in that area. Thank you for reminding me today to pick back up the ball of prosperous expectations. Actually, I haven’t dropped the ball completely, I just remembered that I received 2 checks in the mail equaled to $240 from a source that I couldn’t even explain.
    Great post, and yes! Magic is everywhere 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • says

      I love this Shannon! I did have a funny time over the summer when a neighbor was also walking on my street as I was bending down to grab the penny! Oh well, maybe he does the same!

      Life is abundant and it’s GREAT! Thanks for sharing!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

  4. says

    I love this Jackie! I totally agree with you. I’ve started teaching my 5 year old to pick up pennies and other change. Every time we do we say “I’m a money magnet… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”. My husband thinks we’re crazy but I know we are simply affirming the magic and abundance of the Universe!

    One time I gave some money to a couple homeless people (who had a dog). The next day I found twice the money I had given away in my front yard. We live in the middle of NO WHERE on a dirt road! It’s not likely that $20 just shows up in my yard. 🙂 There’s magic everywhere.

    • says

      I say the same thing – I am a money magnet! And, I have learned to appreciate the pennies right along with the big bucks! Gratitude creates more!

      Thanks for sharing Jackie!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer

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