5 Tips to Make a Lasting Impression in Social Media

Creating and Leaving a Positive Impression Online


5 Tips to Lasting Impressions in Social MediaSocial Media Marketing is a great way to extend your acquaintances, friendships and business relationships outside of your initial center of influence. It has leveled the playing field and allows all of us to “reach out and touch someone” we might have never encountered before.


And, the goal is to make sure that we are not merely racking up “friends and followers” but truly creating alliances and more than just a notch and number on Facebook or Twitter. We want to create influence and see where that influence might take us.


Especially for those building a Direct Sales or Network Marketing business.


1. Take a sincere interest in others

2. Be positive, upbeat and uplifting

3. Use names and engage one on one

4. Listen to conversations and be aware

5. Leave each encounter a little more positive and better


Let’s talk about what that means, exactly.


Take a sincere interest in others.  Studies have shown that everyone’s favorite topic is the same – themselves! So, play along with that and use that to your benefit. As you are “friending and following” on any of the social platforms, take the time to sincerely learn about each person. Go to their profile, or about me area. Click to their website. You can learn a lot from a person by doing this. What are their interests? Their hobbies? What do they do for work? Make comments and acknowledge what they are “about” and they will know that you have taken the time to do this. Imagine how we might improve the landscape of Social Media, especially among network marketers if we can get more people truly interested in each other and less interested about blasting in and pushing a “biz opp” or agenda.


Be positive, upbeat and uplifting. Pay attention to your status updates. Or, maybe first, pay attention to the updates and tweets of those who you admire and aspire to be like. What are the common threads? What engages you? Are they positive? Happy? Or, do they continually post a “woe is me” type update; always filling everyone in on what is going wrong in their world? People are drawn to positivity and move away from negativity. So, clean up your act if you need to and lose the “Eeyore” syndrome!


Use names and engage one on one. People LOVE to hear their name. Have you ever been engaged in a conversation and heard your name called over an intercom or speaker? Most of us hear it immediately, even when not listening to anything else being said. When you converse on Social Media, use names to tag and “call out” whenever you can. Do so in a positive way, of course, and get them engaged in the conversation. Make sure you are doing this in a responsible way and not just “name dropping” to engage someone into a conversation to your advantage.


Listen to conversations and be aware. As you make friends, and take some time to get to know a little about them, make sure you are weighing in on what is happening in their life, especially for the first month of becoming friend. Beyond leaving a good impression, make sure you are working to become “unforgettable.” So, pay attention to who you “friend or follow”  and see what’s happening in their world. Have they made some changes? Gone through some challenging times? Are celebrating something? Pay attention and comment and engage. People will notice and remember you and your center of influence with them will expand. It’s like meeting someone at a cocktail party, and then seeing them the next week at another gathering. When you go up and say hello, it means something! this builds trust based relationships, and that is the goal, right?


Leave each encounter a little more positive and better. Just like the second tip, be positive and uplifting, always make sure you leave each encounter on a positive note. This also means not getting involved in negative discussions or anything volatile. Just walk away! Always ask yourself how you can engage in a conversation and be a positive influence and “voice” to anyone who reads it. Ir’s kind of like practicing the Golden Rule!


So, there you have it, 5 very easy concepts that you can start to use in your day to day encounters in Social Media. Try it, see what happens and let me know!


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  1. Thanks for the tips! I do a lot of social media marketing and it’s always great to hear ways in which I can do it better.

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