3 Keys to Success in Life and Network Marketing


3 Keys to Success in Life and Network Marketing


3 Keys to Success in Life and Network Marketing

Ahhhh, the keys to life, and business success and happiness – wouldn’t we all like to know what they are?

And, can it really come down to 3 simple things? Well, I know that it does for me…at least now. I didn’t always feel this way, but now, being older and wiser and having some life experiences, I know that the keys to not only my happiness, but my online and Direct Sales success come down to 3 philosophies to live by.

Let’s talk about these on today’s show….

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3 Keys to Success in Life and Business

My early thirties were a rough time in my life. In fact, the whole decade is the least favorite of my life. Much of it is a blur, and much of it seems to have been spent in self struggle.

Of frustration with myself…

Of not being and doing where and what I wanted, to some extent….

Of wanting it to be easier….

Sadly, I was always looking outside of myself for the answers. I was not focused on what truly matters in life and what creates happiness.

I learned what it is NOT, for sure.


Today, I stay focused on these 3 simple things each day, to create happiness, joy, peace and success in my life.


1. I want to be happy and joyful – this is a must for each day and I get up thinking about how I will do this for THIS day.

2. I want to live in the moment, and while I have things out in the future to be excited about; working toward and so on, TODAY, this moment is the only one I have.

3. I want to be productive in all areas of my life – personal, spiritual, physical, business, relationships and more.


So, let’s talk about how each of these come together, and what my daily practice looks like for each –



Happiness – starts with gratitude just to wake up each morning and recognizing what I am surrounded with –

My home
My family and relationships
My dog
Green tea to watch the sunrise with
Healthy Food
My health and fitness

So, I say a prayer of gratitude first thing for each of these and then I take action on them.

I focus on feeding my mind and my body optimal things to stay strong.

For my mind, this means positive in, positive out. VERY little news and noise. What serves me and then allows me to serve others?

Who do I surround myself with? I have weaned myself away from those who are consistently negative. It doesn’t serve me, and I can’t really serve them until they are ready. So, I can love em, and leave em!

Honesty with myself is another important part of feeding my mind. When I am honest with myself, it is easier to be honest with others.

For my body, this means healthy food choices – real food, whole food, organic food and VERY little processed food. Lean protein and vegetables make up 90% of my diet. You’ve heard about shopping the perimeter of the store? That’s where I am most of the time.

Most of my groceries require refrigeration.

Exercise, in the form of yoga, walking, stretching and light weights – EVERY day.

Good sleep – I have struggled with this off and on, but have seen rapid improvements since I made some radical changes to my diet and gave up gluten and most grains. I am not a purist, and occasionally will have a grain or something with gluten, but as a rule, no.

For my relationships, I strive to be fully present more.


Living in the moment


Spend time and make choices around when the moment presents itself.

Create content or ride bikes to the harbor?

Work on blog posts or go to the movies with my husband?

Work on priorities to help live in the now.

In two hours, two days, two weeks, two years or two decades, how will this decision matter?

Where is what I am focused on right now taking me?




What needs to happen today to be most productive in –

Personal – what am I doing to make me happy and better? What do I love and enjoy? How am I taking care of myself? Beach?

Health/Fitness – have I worked out? Am I moving my body enough? How much walking am I getting done?

Relationships – who needs my time and attention? Who needs to hear from me?

Spiritual – beach, meditation, checking in with God, listening to myself

Business – what is moving my business forward? What do I need to learn? What do I need to do/execute on? What will create more in my lifestyle business? Where can I focus online to create an impact?

Each day, I can check in on each area.


1. What are your 3 top things? Think about it and write them down.

2. What can you do now to be focused on this regularly?

3. Where will this take you in 5 years?


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