12 Step Facebook Checklist for Your Direct Sales Business


Is Your Facebook Plan Working?


12 Step Facebook Checklist for Direct Sales SuccessOn today’s show, I’m going to give you a 12 step Facebook checklist for your Direct Sales business so that you can use it to make sure your Facebook Profile is set to do some serious business in attracting the right people to you!

When you create a powerful Facebook presence, you’ll be amazed at what will turn up!

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12 Step Facebook Checklist for Your Direct Sales Business

Ready to get your BUSINESS launched on Facebook? This guide will take you through the basic steps on how to be successful using Facebook, especially if you have never had a business that you talked about in Social Media before.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. We want to create curiosity, share our passion and enthusiasm, and ultimately get people coming to us and asking – WHAT do you do?

So, here are 12 steps to “Clean Things Up” if needed and get you ready to rock it on Facebook!

We start with cleaning up our “Space” first, kind of like you would if you were putting your home on the market to sell. You wouldn’t host an open house before you cleaned the place up and made it presentable, right? So that’s what we are going to do here.

1.Your Profile Picture –  Is it clear? Well lit? Something that represents you well and creates an immediate brand image you want to convey? And, is it a photo of YOU, and just YOU? It should be, for business, that is. Not your family; a company logo or any of that. Just YOU!

2. Your Cover Photo –  Unlike your profile photo, you can and should change out your cover photo regularly. Now that you are using Facebook for business, be creative with this. Just like your profile picture, take a look at it from the viewpoint of your visitors – Does it represent your brand? Not your company brand, as in not photos of products and such, but YOU as a brand?

3. Your About Section –  This is your most valuable piece of “real estate” on Facebook, so spend some time there today and make sure it is a clear reflection of your brand. This is where you have the BEST chance to sell yourself and create interest in your business. The About section is the second most visited page/area of any website or profile.

4. Your Friends –  The ultimate way to sponsor others with Facebook, is to begin to develop a large following of friends, would be friends and turn them into potential and active business partners. I call this creating “New warm market!” You start this process by building a relationship with them, based on trust, common interests, and a general feeling that they know you, and can relate to you. It takes time to have success, but what doesn’t?

5. Your Content Shared –  Take a step back and LOOK at your status updates over the last month. Are they consistent? How many times a day do you post? Can people get a real “sense” of who you are by what you share? IS there a HINT even that you have a business that you are passionate about? From here, you can begin to develop a content strategy for daily and weekly sharing that is going to begin to create what you want – INTEREST and QUESTIONS. Make sure the content you share doesn’t alienate anyone who might be right for your business and my suggestion – avoid heated topics!

 6. Friends Inventory –  Take an Inventory of Your “Friends.” For some of you, this will be easy, as you probably really KNOW most of the people you are friends with, in the REAL, offline world. For others, who have been in the home business world for awhile, you may be like me – you have a bit of a mess on your hands, and have no CLUE who some of these people are. Back in the beginning of Facebook, quantity was king and we thought that the more friends we had, the better for business, right? WRONG! It’s okay to unfriend people where there really isn’t a win-win, and you don’t really know them.

7. Reconnect With Friends –  Begin to reconnect with your friends on Facebook. Obviously, some of them you connect with all of the time, but who on your list have you not reached out to for awhile. Set a goal to reach out to 3 people each day. Not about your business, but just to check in and see how they are doing; what they are doing; and catch up. Before you private message them, go to their profile and scroll down and see what’s been going on. Make a comment about recent events when you message them so they know you took the time and are truly interested.

8. Create New Warm Market – Add Friends!  One of the first things you’ll want to start working on is growing your list of contacts on Facebook. We are limited to having 5000 friends, and the magic number to REALLY begin to see things happen is around 2000. There are a few ways to begin to grow your list of friends. One, find friends of your current friends. Who is also commenting on the status updates of your friends? Who posts stuff on your friends wall? Who are friends of your friends in your local community?Another great way to find people are groups.

9. Consistency –  I recommend a minimum of 5 updates a day, and remember the 80/20 rule. 80% social, fun, engaging and so on. 20% business related. Too much business and your audience will tune you out. Find the right mix and do your business posts in a way that create curiosity and you will catch those people about your business when the time is right. Even with 4000 friends, maybe only 10% are active regularly and going to see what you share. So, if you only have 200 friends, that’s 20 people. 500 friends and that’s still only 50. That is why it is SO important to add to your friends list, and market daily! That is goal #1!!!

10. Friends Lists –  A feature few people use is the “Lists” feature for your friends. You can categorize your Friends into lists, based on how you know them and common interests and then it is much easier to check in, as well as make custom status updates that can only be seen by the friends/lists who you want it shown to. And, this is a great way to keep up with all different friends and not just what Facebook chooses to show you.   Start by clicking the FRIENDS link to the left in your newsfeed or “home link.” As far as I know, you can not create or view friend’s lists on a device – only on a computer. Let me know if you know a way around this.

11. Sharing Your Business – At some point, you will want to begin sharing light details about your business. I call Facebook the “Cheers” of the internet, like the 90s sitcom. You walk into the bar, everyone knows your name; you have some good friends, and some acquaintances and you are all sitting around sharing LIFE. LIFE includes fun, social, entertainment, and your career or business. The key is to keep it LIGHT when sharing business. I use the 80/20 rule, meaning 80% social and fun, 20% business and even business, I keep it subtle, and indirect. That means I never say – JOIN MY TEAM; or anything salesy. Acknowledge team promotions; share photos of you out working your business; shoot a video of why you joined, and so on.  Then, begin to incorporate these types of photos into your daily/weekly updates.

12. Daily Strategy –  Now that you are in a groove with Facebook, and your profile is set up the way you want it, and designed to work as a “calling card” for you and your business (meaning when someone clicks to your About section, they get a view into who you are, and have the chance to click and learn more about your business) it’s time to develop a daily strategy of updates and engagement. Post 3-5 times daily, and mix it up. Some fun, some social, some life stuff and some business sprinkled in. And, make sure you spend time in the newsfeed and in your friend lists commenting on status updates of others. This helps you “trick” the Facebook algorithm to some extent. Visit the groups that you are aligned with and where you can build true friendships. Reach out to 3 people a day, just to reconnect.

Try this simple Facebook Plan for Success and watch what happens!

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    Jackie, Love the checklist you have created. It is a great tool for those wanting to share their business on Facebook that want to do it right. I shared it with my team this evening. I appreciate the tools you offer and the information you are sharing. Thank you.

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