SSW051 20 Hours to Build Your Skills

20 Hours to Develop Your Business Skills


20 Hours to Learn Any SkillWhat would you like to master in your life? In your business?


There’s so much to do, and so little time. Have you ever had this thought? What things are out there that you want to learn, experience and even master?


Two things hold most people back – time and skill. We say things like – I’ll get around to it someday…when I find the time. Here’s a clue – you won’t “find” the time. We never FIND time. We prioritize and make time for those things we really want and that matter.


Today, I want to share some simple ideas with you about how to learn just about anything in just 20 hours.


Here is an idea of some things you might want to develop the skills for:


Prospecting conversations

Handling Objections, skillfully and naturally


Social Media Marketing


What else is on your list?


Remember Malcolm Gladwell’s part in the book – Outliers – about the 10,000 hour rule? Now, that’s to MASTERY.


Let’s just start with developing the skills and getting comfortable, eh?


Then we can move into mastery because once you feel comfortable and confident with something, it becomes a habit and second nature!


In today’s podcast, I cover the things you need to know and then take you through 20 hours and the steps to develop the skill of contacting and inviting; and blogging!



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Jackie Ulmer

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Jackie Ulmer, WAHM, MLM Online Business Coach

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  1. I would add Better time management to the list. I would also add Video marketing as its now 2014 and Blogs are fast becoming 1. old school and 2. unread. Sadly.

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