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Planning and Productivity to Launch 2014


Planning and Productivity 2014Happy New Year and welcome back to another year that promises plenty of awesomeness for each and every one of us!

So, how are you feeling about the year? Are you ready to make it YOUR YEAR?

Have you said that before? I know, I can relate. I did that for years.

If you haven’t listened to last week’s podcast and closed out 2013, and prepared priorly for 2014, make sure you take some time to do just that.

Closing Out 2013, Welcoming 2014

This week, and to launch this exciting new year, we are going to cover productivity and planning so that you can begin on the right foot and have a plan to keep you forward focused for the year.



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The first step to success in any venture is to have a plan, then work that plan, and make sure your actions are proving productive for positive results.


This quote kind of sums up a lot – Anxiety is caused by a lack of control, organization, preparation and action. David Kekich


For those of us working from home, and even those who report to an office, work these days lacks clear boundaries. There is a clear blending of home and business. Most of us don’t have open and closed hours, sadly. I know I don’t always. Sometimes I do, and I honestly find I am more productive when I do.


We also tend to have multiple projects going at the same time. Sound familiar?


We have major distractions with Social Media, Texting, calls and ineffective systems and planning.


When was the last time you felt really productive? Ended the say and said – WOW, now that rocked?


Interestingly, today, as I am recording this show, I have a very thorough, manageable and prioritized to do list; all distractions are off, and I am rocking out getting things checked off. I’m feeing like I will end the day strong.


How often do you feel like your mind is overloaded, overcrowded and over stimulated? And why is this?


Well, most often it’s because we haven’t the time to -


Clarify our most important outcomes for the day.


Our intentions.


Determined and focused on the steps to get there.



In other words, we haven’t taken the time to PLAN!



We must start with managing our MIND and then managing our actions.


Rule your mind or it will rule you. If you don’t focus on controlling your thoughts, others will step in to do it for you. And, in doing so,  most often control your actions, too.


So, first, what are the things you MOST want to accomplish this year?  Look ahead to the end of the year and visualize what you want to have accomplished? What are those things most important to you, that you are truly committed to?


Look at each of these as planning a project.


Listen to the show for the rest of the details!


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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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  1. Great podcast Jaquie! I look forward to following through with your advise and making it happen. You inspire me! I now have my business plan and action steps to follow. Thanks! Gracias!

  2. Great article! Proper planning is the first step to productivity and being able to end the day feeling like you actually accomplished something!

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