Blogging For Direct Sales Profits

Launch Your Network Marketing Blog  – Let’s Make This Easy


Attracting MLM Prospects OnlineYou’re ready to launch your Network Marketing blog, right? To get out there among the other network marketing and direct sales professionals and start attracting leads!


Great, because I have sponsored over 1,800 hundred people – all perfect strangers before THEY found ME online and asked me to tell them about my business. And, they learned about ME through Social Media, but that’s not where most of them contacted me.


They did so through my BLOG! My hub of the universe. My prime piece of Internet Real Estate!


So, you want to know how to do it, right?


Introducing –


Blogging For Direct Sales Profits – How to Use the Most Powerful Tool Online For Your Business!

Here is what’s inside –

Blogging for Direct Sales Profits

My Story, my start and how the Internet changed EVERYTHING!

How YOU Can Create an Automated Income Machine

Why is Your Blog Important?

Why Your Company/Replicated Site Do NOT Count, but where they fit in!
First Steps

Laying Out Your Strategy; Your Target Audience; Daily/Weekly Business Plan

Daily/Weekly Content Creation/Marketing Strategy Business Plan

4 Cs to Marketing Online

Create, Capture, Connect, Convert

Call to Action

Marketing Your Blog -Getting Eyeballs to Your Blog is Important

Social Media – Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest

Building and Marketing to Your List – why the fortune is there!

Search Engine Marketing – the importance pieces you need to know!

Converting Leads to Buyers

Timeline of Success

Misc. Tips and Tricks


Ask yourself these 3 questions –

Is the Internet the wave of the future?

Are fortunes being made on the Internet RIGHT NOW?

Am I making my fortune on the Internet?

The answer to the first two questions is YES. A resounding yes and we have just barely scratched the surface. How about the third answer?


Yes, let’s start it! Regular Price – $27 special price – $9 


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