Build Your MLM Business Online – 5 Answers to Common Questions

MLM Online BusinessCan I REALLY build a successful Network Marketing business online? Can the internet really work for me? Absolutely, but it is critical that you become a good student and understand the entire process of creating your message and attracting others... [Read more...]

Attraction Marketing – the Hot Buzz Word – What Does It Mean? How Does it Work?

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingYou've heard the buzz word everywhere - Attraction Marketing! But what is it and what does it mean? Does it work? Is it a fad? I've been practicing "Attraction Marketing" both online and offline for years, before it became the hot buzz... [Read more...]

Should I Automatically Follow Back on Twitter and Instagram?

Should You Automatically Follow Back on TwiterIsn't it funny on Twitter, Facebook and now Instagram? Your number of Friends and Followers can almost seem like a popularity contest; or the higher the number can put you in "Guru" status. But does it really? In our quest to have a high number... [Read more...]

Creating Powerful Relationships and Business Partnerships on Facebook

Relationships-726654What's more important to you in your "friendships" on Facebook or any other Social Media Marketing site - Quality or Quantity? I hope your answer is quality. What's the point of 5000 "friends"  if they don't know who you are; aren't interested... [Read more...]

Over Posting Your Opportunity? How’s That Working For Ya? Remember this

megaphonesSo many get started in Social Media Marketing (especially Network Marketers); have no idea what they are doing and they make some serious mistakes. One, of course is blatant advertising and spamming. Every Tweet is a link to the next best thing... [Read more...]

Is Internet and Attraction Marketing Really For You?

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingIt sounds exciting, doesn't it? Using the internet to build a hugely successful business; having your dream prospects find you and contact you about your business; the sweet sound of "cha-ching" as your cyberspace cash register tallies sales for you... [Read more...]

Building Relationships Through Online Social Media

Attracting MLM Prospects OnlineBuilding Relationships/Partnerships Online With Message Forums and Social Networking Sites   Is it truly possible to meet people, share a business concept and sponsor others into your business without that face to face, "belly to belly"... [Read more...]

Old School, New School, Direct Sales Success School

Listen authentically and sponsor moreWhich is Better, Old School or New School Network Marketing? A timely debate has been going on online over the past few years about "Old School and New School" techniques to build a successful Network Marketing business. Lately, it's been spinning... [Read more...]