20 Year WAHM Career

20 Year WAHM Career

Celebrating 20 Years as a Work At Home Mom   Wow, 20 years...where did they go? 20 Years ago I dipped my toe into the home based arena, joined a network marketing company, and promptly wondered what they heck I had done....what had I … [Read more...]

SSW028 How An Online Business Really Works

Create a Social Media Marketing Buzz

How an Online Business Really Works   The Internet has been a key tool in allowing me to build a successful business. I can't imagine my life or my business without it. Beware though - it doesn't happen without confusion and … [Read more...]

Create a Dream WAHM Business Online and Global

Jackie Ulmer Dream WAHM business

You Can Have a Dream WAHM Business That's Online and Global . Are you ready for more? Have you been struggling to build a business from home and maybe you just aren't home so much any more? You are scheduling babysitters; doing parties 2-3 … [Read more...]

How Video Marketing Can Take You to the Top of Google

Tips For YouTube SEO and Lead Generation

Video Marketing Grabs Top Google Spot   If you have followed my blog or trainings for any time at all, you know I am a BIG fan of Video Marketing. It's HOT, and we all know that a picture paints a thousand words, right? Some quick stats, … [Read more...]

Stay Focused Stay Committed


It can be so easy to get distracted (which is actually just procrastination!) in your business and before you know it, time has passed and nothing has happened in your business for days, week, or months. And, that can be a real downer. Consistent … [Read more...]

The Busy Mom Business


If you are a busy mom, maybe with toddler or school age children you are running around, or you are also working full time, you may find yourself struggling to find time in your day to actually DO those income producing activities that are going to … [Read more...]

WAHMs and Direct Sales – Are You Wondering If You Can Be Successful?


┬áHave you ever wondered if you can really be one of the success stories in your Direct Sales, Network Marketing or Party Plan Business? I'm here to assure you that you can. As someone who has made all of the mistakes possible, and still managed to … [Read more...]

Building Your Business Successfully Around Children


If you are trying to balance your Direct Sales - MLM business and your family, and feeling out of sorts, this article is for you. You can build a successful business with small children at your side. I did, so can you! My daughter now travels with me … [Read more...]