SSW063 Network Marketing Events Fuel Your Business Growth

Hanging with the team at ANMP

How Network Marketing Events Grow Your Business   In today’s show, I welcome a panel of 6 experts, 5, 6 and 7 figure income earners in our profession who are going to share their insights and perspective on events and how important they are … [Read more...]

SSW058 Dialing For Dollars in Network Marketing

Dialing for Dollars in Network Marketing

Dialing for Dollars With Tracy Monteforte   Make Friends With Your Phone and Leads   In today's show, I'm interviewing Network Marketing super star Tracy Monteforte, who had a few rough starts on her journey in Network Marketing. … [Read more...]

SSW056 How She Quit Her Job in 10 Months

Deb Bixler Party Plan Pro Interview

Interview with Party Plan Pro Deb Bixler   In today's podcast, you are going to learn some great techniques for both Party Plan businesses as well as straight Network Marketing. I'm interviewing Deb Bixler, who left behind her corporate … [Read more...]

SSW049 Planning and Productivity

Planning and Productivity 2014

Planning and Productivity to Launch 2014   Happy New Year and welcome back to another year that promises plenty of awesomeness for each and every one of us! So, how are you feeling about the year? Are you ready to make it YOUR … [Read more...]

Creating Happiness Habit #6

Creating Happiness Habits in Life and Business

Happiness Habits for Life and Business   Welcome to the 6th in a 7 part series on creating more happiness in your life and business through the habits you engage in. Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Party Plan can be challenging in … [Read more...]

SSW035 Facebook For Business Podcast

Facebook MLM Leads

Facebook For Business Are you ready to use the power of Social Media, and specifically Facebook to generate leads for your Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Party Plan or Online Business? And, are you ready to learn how to do it RIGHT, without … [Read more...]

Should You Have to Justify Wanting to Build Your Home Business Online

Justify Building Online to Your Sponsor

Do You Have to Build the Way Your Sponsor Does? . I had two interesting phone conversations recently with network marketers who want to use the internet as a tool to build a business. And, both of them have upline who are telling them it's a … [Read more...]

SSW009 – Why You Need a Blog For Online MLM

Moo cards for blogging workshop

Blogging in Your MLM Business In today's podcast, I'm going to share the steps I used to get my Online Hub of the Universe running. These are simple steps if you don't "major in the minors" and let the small details stop you from getting … [Read more...]

SSW 004: Launching Your Network Marketing Business Podcast


What an exciting time! You have likely hit the SUBMIT button and joined your network marketing company! You are excited, full of hope and promise! So, after all of the fireworks fade, and reality sets in, what do YOU do to be successful? In … [Read more...]

Clearing Out Clutter in Your Business

Clearing your mind and your workplace of clutter can be a big step in moving you forward to success in your business! You may be asking, what does this have to do with building a successful  Network Party Plan business and leading a team of … [Read more...]

Free Super Tele Summit with Top Direct Sales Experts

I am so excited to be a part of the The Mind Aware Teleseminar series, produced by Dana Wilde. Dana will be interviewing me and 23 other of the world’s top thought leaders about how to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of having. This … [Read more...]

Scared to Book Parties in Direct Sales


When one first gets started in a Party Plan or Network Marketing company, it's not uncommon to have a hesitation calling people about booking a party; sharing our product line and our opportunity. And, we know if we don't, well, we really don't have … [Read more...]

Answering the Question – How Much Do You Make in Direct Sales


It happens to most of us at some point. We are just getting started and we get asked the "Dreaded Question" - How much are you making in your business? That can be a real downer if you don't know how to effectively deal with this question; give … [Read more...]

Sales is Not a Dirty Word


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sales? The overly aggressive person who is browbeating you to buy? Someone who is busy rambling on about all of the amazing features of the product you are looking at but has done … [Read more...]

Creating Life Choices Through a Home Business


Have you ever thought about how the work that you choose to engage in dictates the choices in your life? I recently had the chance to once again prove to myself how invaluable it has been to have made the decision to begin my career in Direct Sales … [Read more...]

Are You Sharing Reasons WHY to Join Your Business

The economy is down, right? People are looking for options - check! Are you sharing reasons WHY to join your business? Are you showing people how to make extra cash and the exact steps that they will want to take to do that? If you are in Party … [Read more...]

Secrets to Getting Party Plan Bookings in Direct Sales

Jackie Ulmer's Party Plan Tips

Are you struggling to book parties in your Direct Sales Business and get your business launched? Do you wonder why it seems so easy for some, and you can't seem to generate any interest? Pay attention to the language you are using and who you are … [Read more...]

Are You Teaching People How to Make Immediate Cash in Direct Sales

Cash in Direct Sales

Sponsoring and duplication comes easily in your Direct Sales business when you teach others how to make immediate income! . You have great products and a great opportunity, right? Use these as a valuable resource to make $800 - $1500 a month in … [Read more...]