SSW061 From Prison to Success on Global Stages – Lisa Grossmann Interview

From Prison to Global Success - Lisa GrossmannFrom Prison to Success on Global Stages An Interview With Lisa Grossmann   Welcome back, and today’s interview is POWERFUL! You simply must hear this story. Shut off all other distractions and get ready!   From running a... [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Excuses For Not Working My Direct Sales Business

Objections in Network MarketingAny of these excuses look familiar? Now, let me be the first to say, I have used every one of these, so I'm not picking on you. My goal is to help you see that excuses will get you no where, and the sooner you let go of them, the faster your... [Read more...]

WAHMs and Direct Sales – Are You Wondering If You Can Be Successful?

Panic Have you ever wondered if you can really be one of the success stories in your Direct Sales, Network Marketing or Party Plan Business? I'm here to assure you that you can. As someone who has made all of the mistakes possible, and still managed... [Read more...]

Jordan Adler and Jackie Ulmer, Dishing on Network Marketing

Network Marketing SuccessJordan Adler was my first sponsor in Network Marketing, and a great mentor of mine, still today. We teamed up a while back and did a conference call on Network Marketing; our unique styles of building the business; Using the internet and online... [Read more...]

Do You Wonder if You Will EVER Make Money in Direct Sales and MLM?

Do You Wonder When You'll Make Money in MLMWell, if you haven’t made any money you may well be worried that you are just throwing money down a big money pit. Sound familiar?   And, if you are at the very beginning, with an established team and company but the growth seems SO SLOW,... [Read more...]

Responding When Direct Sales MLM Companies Have Challenges

Is Your MLM Company in the Hot SeatProbably like you, I've been online long enough to have seen plenty of MLM companies serve their time in the "hot seat" of media or other scrutiny. Really, it's a sad time for us all because bottom line - the media loves to show over hyped... [Read more...]

Do You “Buy” People Into Your Direct Sales MLM Business?

danglingcarrotDo You Offer Incentives to Join Your MLM?   Recently, an email landed in my box from a prospect that I have interacted with for the last 6 months or so. I sent out my New Year's blast to my leads and invited them to take a second look... [Read more...]

Do You Have “True Grit Direct Sales Staying Power”

True Grit Staying Power in Network MarketingTrue Grit Staying Power in Network Marketing   Stick and stay til you get your pay! Yes, it is true that anyone can do this business, and the reality is that most won't. Why do some stick it out while others do not? I believe this... [Read more...]

What’s Stopping YOU in YOUR Business?

Mindset For Success!Do You Have What it Takes to Be Successful In Your Business?    Do you have a mindset for success? Do you believe it can happen for you? Yes, you may have the perfect MLM and Direct Sales business for you; the perfect scripts; website;... [Read more...]

Will You Stick it Out For the Long Haul in Your Business?

True Grit Business Staying Power   Success in a Direct Sales or any type of home business  DOES require true grit and staying power.   That basically boils down to the ability to try, fail, persevere and NOT give up in the face of... [Read more...]