Jordan Adler and Jackie Ulmer, Dishing on Network Marketing

Network Marketing SuccessJordan Adler was my first sponsor in Network Marketing, and a great mentor of mine, still today. We teamed up a while back and did a conference call on Network Marketing; our unique styles of building the business; Using the internet and online... [Read more...]

Do You “Justify” Your Lack of Action in Direct Sales?

What's Missing in Your BusinessNetwork Marketing is a business of duplication and being coachable. If we aren't willing to take on the "coachable" part, it often slows down or completely stops the "Duplication" part of things.   When we are new, we also try to... [Read more...]

Set Your Leadership Goals FIRST – Share Your Vision With the Team

Set Team and Leadership Goals in MLMLeadership and Team Vision Part of developing your blueprint for success in your Direct Sales and MLM business requires setting those Leadership Goals. Leadership Goals include both your personal goals for sponsoring; retailing products; and... [Read more...]

Common Questions From New Members About Network Marketing

Network Marketing Common QuestionsRecently, while coaching a new team member, some interesting questions came up and I thought it might make for a good discussion. Maybe this might assist you as well. 1. When speaking with a prospect that answered an ad or came in through your... [Read more...]

What’s Stopping YOU in YOUR Business?

Mindset For Success!Do You Have What it Takes to Be Successful In Your Business?   ┬áDo you have a mindset for success? Do you believe it can happen for you? Yes, you may have the perfect MLM and Direct Sales business for you; the perfect scripts; website;... [Read more...]

How the Internet Can Help Grow Your Network Marketing Business

FBTimelineAre you ready to tap into the power of an Online Business? Want to take your Direct Sales business further by using this powerful tool called the Internet? Success in network marketing happens when target markets and opportunity come together.... [Read more...]