SSW058 Dialing For Dollars in Network Marketing

Dialing for Dollars in Network Marketing

Dialing for Dollars With Tracy Monteforte   Make Friends With Your Phone and Leads   In today's show, I'm interviewing Network Marketing super star Tracy Monteforte, who had a few rough starts on her journey in Network Marketing. … [Read more...]

How to Listen Effectively and Sponsor More People

Listen authentically and sponsor more

Generous, Authentic Listening For Success   Have you ever been listened to - I mean really listened to, where the person to whom you are speaking doesn't jump in, interrupt or have a "comeback" for everything you say?   One of the … [Read more...]

SSW057 Curing the Comparison Hangover in Your Business

Curing the Comparison Hangover

The Cure For the "Comparison Hangover"   Welcome to today's podcast, and a topic you can probably relate to, if not now, at least some time in your past.... Comparing yourself to others, and then feeling down in the dumps over it. I am … [Read more...]

SSW056 How She Quit Her Job in 10 Months

Deb Bixler Party Plan Pro Interview

Interview with Party Plan Pro Deb Bixler   In today's podcast, you are going to learn some great techniques for both Party Plan businesses as well as straight Network Marketing. I'm interviewing Deb Bixler, who left behind her corporate … [Read more...]

SSW055 3 Way Calls in Your Network Marketing Business

3 Way Calls in Network Marketing

How to Use 3 Way Calling Successfully in Your Business   Today, we are going to cover the importance that 3 way calls can make in your business, whether you are generating leads online or offline. I stress this because online, these are just … [Read more...]

Lessons From the Last Times in Life

20 Year WAHM Career

Be Grateful For the Lessons In Your Life   Even the negative ones....   I recently took a 2000 mile, 12 day road trip to move my parents. I shared the experience with my audience through my newsletter and I got so many responses … [Read more...]

SSW054 Social Media Sponsoring Into Your Direct Sales Business

Social Media Sponsoring in Network Marketing Direct Sales MLM

Social Media Sponsoring Answers Podcast   Every day, I get questions from my audience and followers on just how to go about building a Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business Online. The main questions I get are -   How do I … [Read more...]

I Told This Guy Not to Join My Business

I told this guy not to join my business

Not Everyone is Right For Your Business   And, that is aren't looking for just anyone who can fog a mirror. In my early days in my network marketing business, I just wanted someone to say yes....anyone.... Do you ever feel … [Read more...]

SSW053 Move Past That Slump in Your Business

Getting Out of Your Network Marketing Business

Getting Past a Slump in Your Direct Sales Business Most of is feel like there are times in your business when we just get out of synch, and can't seem to get back in the groove. Right before the holidays and during the holidays. And, then there … [Read more...]

Business Lesson in My Shrimp Tacos

Business Lessons Learned Over Shrimp Tacos

Sometimes, Business Lessons Come to Us in the Strangest Ways   ....even over lunch, with shrimp tacos I didn't order.... (Yes, there is a business lesson in this!) This past week was fun. My husband had vacation and we decided to do a … [Read more...]

SSW052 David Frey Interview on Internet and Network Marketing

David Frey and Internet Marketing vs Network Marketing

The Differences Between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing   And, how the two blend together beautifully to build a fabulous "pinch me" business...when done right!   Recently, I had the chance to interview David Frey, who I … [Read more...]

20 Year WAHM Career

20 Year WAHM Career

Celebrating 20 Years as a Work At Home Mom   Wow, 20 years...where did they go? 20 Years ago I dipped my toe into the home based arena, joined a network marketing company, and promptly wondered what they heck I had done....what had I … [Read more...]

Managing Overwhelm and Productivity in Your Business

Create a Social Media Marketing Buzz

Eliminating the Overwhelm in Your Business “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other peoples’ thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out … [Read more...]

SSW050 Avoid the Productivity Time Suckers

Avoid Productivity Time Suckers

Productivity Time Suckers   In today's show, I have some great tips to take you even further in making your business and your life more productive.   Last week, we talked about Planning and Productivity, and what a difference this … [Read more...]

SSW049 Planning and Productivity

Planning and Productivity 2014

Planning and Productivity to Launch 2014   Happy New Year and welcome back to another year that promises plenty of awesomeness for each and every one of us! So, how are you feeling about the year? Are you ready to make it YOUR … [Read more...]

New Years Eve 2013

New Years Eve 2013

Ideas to Create a Better 2014   What are your thoughts around New Year's Eve, the change of the year; goals; resolutions and all of that? Do you embrace it; avoid it; find it annoying? I actually embrace it, and love reflecting back on … [Read more...]

SSW048 Closing Out 2013 and Welcoming in 2014

Close out 2013 and welcome 2014

Closing Out 2013 and Welcoming in 2014   Happiness, gratitude and even success are a choice. A choice WE make. A great way to launch your new year is to close out the old, and set some powerful patterns and intentions to move you … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Make a Lasting Impression in Social Media

5 Tips to Lasting Impressions in Social Media

Creating and Leaving a Positive Impression Online   Social Media Marketing is a great way to extend your acquaintances, friendships and business relationships outside of your initial center of influence. It has leveled the playing field and … [Read more...]