SSW063 Network Marketing Events Fuel Your Business Growth

Hanging with the team at ANMP

How Network Marketing Events Grow Your Business   In today’s show, I welcome a panel of 6 experts, 5, 6 and 7 figure income earners in our profession who are going to share their insights and perspective on events and how important they are … [Read more...]

SSW061 From Prison to Success on Global Stages – Lisa Grossmann Interview

From Prison to Global Success - Lisa Grossmann

From Prison to Success on Global Stages An Interview With Lisa Grossmann   Welcome back, and today’s interview is POWERFUL! You simply must hear this story. Shut off all other distractions and get ready!   From running a … [Read more...]

SSW060 Six Figures To Starting From Scratch to Finding Success Again

From Starting Over to Success Again with Donnie Walker

From Six Figures to Starting Over to Finding Success Again With Donnie Walker   Quitting is Not an Option - Donnie's Mantra!   Donnie Walker, who brings over 23 years of experience in our profession to the show today, is an … [Read more...]

SSW059 Creating Your Success Story in Network Marketing

Best Worst First in Network Marketing

Creating Your Success Stories in Network Marketing     Today, we are going to cover the power in developing stories and becoming a good story teller. You’ve heard it before - Facts tell, stories sell. And, yet think how many times … [Read more...]

How to Listen Effectively and Sponsor More People

Listen authentically and sponsor more

Generous, Authentic Listening For Success   Have you ever been listened to - I mean really listened to, where the person to whom you are speaking doesn't jump in, interrupt or have a "comeback" for everything you say?   One of the … [Read more...]

SSW057 Curing the Comparison Hangover in Your Business

Curing the Comparison Hangover

The Cure For the "Comparison Hangover"   Welcome to today's podcast, and a topic you can probably relate to, if not now, at least some time in your past.... Comparing yourself to others, and then feeling down in the dumps over it. I am … [Read more...]

SSW056 How She Quit Her Job in 10 Months

Deb Bixler Party Plan Pro Interview

Interview with Party Plan Pro Deb Bixler   In today's podcast, you are going to learn some great techniques for both Party Plan businesses as well as straight Network Marketing. I'm interviewing Deb Bixler, who left behind her corporate … [Read more...]

I Told This Guy Not to Join My Business

I told this guy not to join my business

Not Everyone is Right For Your Business   And, that is aren't looking for just anyone who can fog a mirror. In my early days in my network marketing business, I just wanted someone to say yes....anyone.... Do you ever feel … [Read more...]

Business Lesson in My Shrimp Tacos

Business Lessons Learned Over Shrimp Tacos

Sometimes, Business Lessons Come to Us in the Strangest Ways   ....even over lunch, with shrimp tacos I didn't order.... (Yes, there is a business lesson in this!) This past week was fun. My husband had vacation and we decided to do a … [Read more...]

SSW052 David Frey Interview on Internet and Network Marketing

David Frey and Internet Marketing vs Network Marketing

The Differences Between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing   And, how the two blend together beautifully to build a fabulous "pinch me" business...when done right!   Recently, I had the chance to interview David Frey, who I … [Read more...]

SSW048 Closing Out 2013 and Welcoming in 2014

Close out 2013 and welcome 2014

Closing Out 2013 and Welcoming in 2014   Happiness, gratitude and even success are a choice. A choice WE make. A great way to launch your new year is to close out the old, and set some powerful patterns and intentions to move you … [Read more...]

SSW047 Simple Money System for Success Online Interview With Joel Peterson

Joel Peterson and Simple Money System

Systems, Success, Online Network Marketing   In this week's podcast, I interview one of my business partners, Joel Peterson, on his story - how he started as an entrepreneur; his early days, successes and struggles in Network Marketing; … [Read more...]

SSW045 Holiday Business Building Tips

Holiday Business Building Tips

Business Building Tips for the Holiday Season   I know, I know, it can be a frazzling time of year PERIOD, without even factoring in a business, right? And, you may be wondering how you are going to get it all done. The way I see it, … [Read more...]

Facebook Groups Marketing Questions

Wondering How to Make Facebook Groups Work For Your Business   With over 1 billion people worldwide now on Facebook, it is an outstanding tool for marketing yourself and your business. It doesn't matter what business you see, whether online … [Read more...]

Creating Happiness Habit #2

Happiness Habit #2

Happiness Habit #2 in Life and Business   Are you looking to create more happiness in your life? In your business? Did you catch the first video, on creating happiness habits? Here is the link, in case you did not - Happiness Habit … [Read more...]

Creating Happiness Habit 1

Happiness Habit #1

Creating Happier Habits in Life and Business   The way we live our lives and run our businesses really comes down to the habits we engage in.   Want to be more happy? Try creating habits that will reinforce happiness in your … [Read more...]

SSW040 Time Management Strategies For Business Success

Time Management Strategies

Time Management Strategies   Time...   Moat of us just never have enough of it; and we are always looking for more of it.   We say things like - Time heals all wounds...and other mantras regarding … [Read more...]

Start Now in Your Business

Start Now and Grow Your Business

Don't Wait Until You Know Everything - Start Now! I like to think of it as on the job EARNING, not just training. Like Water Lilies on a seems to start so slowly, and before long, they have covered the pond. The same can be true in your … [Read more...]