4 Secrets of Network Marketing Success

4 secretsWhat does it take to be successful in your home business? I asked this question for YEARS. I truly thought there was some hidden secret that no one was telling me. Maybe there was a secret 800 number that one could dial prospects into that would... [Read more...]

5 Tips to Move Your Direct Sales Business Forward

PLANWhether you are in Party Plan or Network Marketing, these 5 Tips are for you, if you are serious about moving your business forward.   Tip #1 – Host Your Own Party – this can be a business launch party, for those in Network Marketing; or... [Read more...]

Direct Sales Goals, Intentions and Single Daily Actions

Who is your target audienceI remember my first day in Network Marketing as if it were yesterday. It was filled with all kinds of different emotions - excitement, belief, desire, anticipation, fear, disbelief and anxiety. I felt all of these feelings and all at the same... [Read more...]