How to Be Successful in Network Marketing as a Single Parent

Imagine a Successful Online BusinessBuilding a Network Marketing Business as a Single Mom or Dad   Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, show #71, How to Be Successful in Network Marketing as a Single Parent. Today, I’m going to share how to... [Read more...]

MLM Mom Guilties – Balancing Business and Life

mom-home-businessAre you a MOM, building an MLM or Direct Sales Business? Do you struggle with finding balance between the two? Do you ever feel this way - Guilty when you are working this business and not with your kids; Guilty when you are spending time with your... [Read more...]

Getting to the Heart of WHY For Your Prospect

Financial and Time FreedomSo often when someone begins their career in Network Marketing, we tend to focus all on the money aspect of it - how much do you want to make this month? Next month? Next year? etc. And, the important thing to keep in mind is that MONEY is nothing... [Read more...]

Building Your Direct Sales Business With Your Small Children

Jackie Ulmer and Family at the LakeBlending Your Direct Sales Business and Your Family   People often ask me how I have managed to work and sustain a Network Marketing business over the course of over 20 years, especially as an at-home mom, with small children. You can... [Read more...]

I Did Something WAY Old School in My Direct Sales Business

Home Parties for Network MarketingIn Home Parties and Presentations in Your Direct Sales Business   I've got to confess to my internet marketing friends. I did something VERY old school this past weekend. Don't shudder or gasp when you read this, but I actually had a HOME... [Read more...]

Build Your Business With Urgency – Today’s is the DAY!

  NOW is the perfect time to build your business; to put yourself into massive, consistent, effective action. Not yesterday, it's gone. Not tomorrow, it never comes. But right now, this moment, in this day.   Build your business with a... [Read more...]