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Simple Social Media – The Top 7 Social Media Sites Explained


Simple Social Media EbookWelcome to Simple Social Media, your guide for getting your Network Marketing business out, online, where you can be found by those who are looking for what you offer!


Welcome to the future. Not just the future….your future. And, your future is happening right now!


You already know about the incredible phenomenon of the Internet! That’s why you are here. Think about the way the Internet has changed all of our lives already. It has changed the way we shop, play, research and work. The Internet has been touted as the “greatest self help tool ever invented.”


If people are going to the Internet to find answers and solutions to problems that range from the cure for the common cold to the closest zoo to Timbuktu, how many people are also going online looking for a home based business?




Are you ready to put this incredible tool to work for you?


Ask yourself these 3 questions –


Is the Internet the wave of the future?

Are fortunes being made on the Internet RIGHT NOW?

Am I making my fortune on the Internet?

The answer to the first two questions is YES. A resounding yes and we have just barely scratched the surface. How about the third answer?


The Internet can be very overwhelming, if you aren’t careful, right? You probably know what I am talking about, don’t you.


Tweet this? Pin that? Follow me here….where? Are you kidding?


A question I hear often is – how do I doooo this and where do I start?


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of Social Media Marketing? It’s easy to let that happen. Like a Las Vegas buffet. So many options, you don’t know where to start, so you just skip it!

Question for you:


Would you like to better understand the Social Media platforms; what makes them unique and how  (and whether or not) to use them in your online marketing efforts?

If your answer is yes, then this information is for YOU!


I developed this Simple Social Media ebook after hundreds of questions from readers who felt so overwhelmed and confused by where to go; where to start; if they need to be using all of the sites; and how to put it all together. You may be feeling this way, too!


Each of the social sites have their own demographics and their own unique qualities. They do not attract the same audience, in general, and are not used in the exact same ways. Or, at least they shouldn’t be.

What you post on Facebook will be different than what you post on Twitter; and LinkedIn and Instagram. How you engage on Google Plus (and by the way, you DO want to be on Google Plus – right now, it’s still FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE!) will be different entirely.

Think of Social Media as a your favorite sports bar or pub, a giant cocktail party, an Online Chamber of commerce, networking group, club or Business Network International. A library. A shopping mall. A TV news station; a University – and more! Each site represents a different way of connecting and having people find YOU!!!


Here’s what you will learn:


The Internet as a Sorting Tool – how it works and what you need to know to maximize your time out there!

3 Components of an Online Marketing System – your blog, lead capture and marketing funnels; how these work along with the social sites to attract your perfect prospect to YOU!

Facebook – how to move beyond your own friends and the newsfeed to tap into your target audience and the 5 questions to ask and answer before each status update.

Twitter – How Twitter works (I didn’t get it AT ALL to begin with and today, it is responsible for driving huge traffic to my blog and my podcast; generating leads and sales!) and the top 8 tips to make it work for you, including the best times to post!

LinkedIn – one of the most overlooked platforms, and if you are looking for less noise, and a more professional environment, you’ll want to make this part of your primary strategy.

Instagram – 14 ways to use this fast moving, growing platform in your business; and how to get started and the first steps to take to establish your presence and your brand. (Think Gen Y and Millennials; Think Before and After; Think Team Involvement!)

Pinterest – How to get started using the Social Platform that outpaced all others last year in terms of growth and sharing. Photos and Images are hot, driving huge amounts of likes, shares and engagement across the web. Like Instagram, it’s perfect for most Net work Marketing business. You’ll learn 21 ideas for boards you want to create and how to set them up to get Google Rankings!

YouTube and Video Marketing – Many people shy away from video out of fear, and that is a huge business mistake! You” get 6 tips for getting started, how to optimize your channel and videos for Search; and how to help your videos go viral and get to the top of Google!

Google Plus  – Ahh, many people don’t understand this platform; have ignored it or think it just didn’t pop! Here is a clue – The reason to use Google Plus is that Google Plus is Google! ‘Nuff said! But, I am going to show you how to set it up and use it!


Setting Some Goals and a Daily Strategy  – every strategy in business should have some goals, and Social Media should for sure!
So, are you ready to dive in and get more “online traction?!”


YES, Deliver Simple Social Media to me RIGHT NOW for just $17



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