MLM Business Mastery

.Congratulations! You’ve launched your MLM business! Now what?

You’ve made your list; you’ve read the company manual; and now you are staring at the phone without a chance of actually getting yourself to pick it up and dial someone.

Does this sound like you?

You know others are creating success in MLM and you know you have what it takes, but how to you overcome your own obstacles and challenges and achieve the success you know you deserve and are capable of?

Well, there is HOPE for you, and countless others who have struggled!

Here is a little of what you can expect – 




MLM Business Mastery was created to help you finally know what it takes, and DO what it takes to be successful. We are going to “rock out” your business and create a powerful, compelling 30 Day Success Story! This digital download program consists of audios (MP3’s) and work sheets (PDF’s) and you’ll have immediate access so you can get started!

“A BIG thanks again,  for presenting such superb and empowering content at the exceptional MLM Women’s Mastery Retreat training event that you conducted this past Saturday in Irvine, CA. Marlyn and I really enjoyed being there with you and everyone else, and we know that the entire audience received HUGE value for their investment with all the great, inspiring and insightful training they got from such smart, experienced, top-earners. As you say on your site: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamin Franklin. We highly recommend this terrific event to anyone considering catching it next time. ”
Art Burleigh

Your MLM Mastery Series Includes:

Module 1 – Introduction – my story, early struggles and getting you around these obstacles! You may find yourself relating to my “lackluster” results in the beginning.

Module 2 – Determine Your Why: Setting Goals (the RIGHT Way) and Dream Building; Writing it Down and Getting Committed; Setting Your Expectations (let’s be realistic here about what can be done!); Handling Shutdowns (how to handle the “nos” because when you know what to expect, you’ll know how to handle it!)

Module 3 – Creating a Mindset for Success: Getting Rid of Any Negative Beliefs; Creating a Personal Growth Program for Yourself.

Module 4 – Scheduling Your Business “Success” Calendar and Tracking Results. When you know how to set your “business is open hours”, you are going to find that you DO have time for your business.

Module 5 – Making Your List: Success Language That Gets Results and How to Keep Your Posture (even when your best friend calls you crazy for “getting into one of those!”) Wouldn’t you love to get a 75% success ratio of people at least taking a look at your business?

Module 6 – Developing Your Success Plan: Learning to Invite; Setting Daily Action Steps; Using Third-Party Tools.

Module 7 – Creating Your 30-day Success Story and Your 90-Day Plan. Now, when someone says to you – “so how is the business going for YOU, you’ll have the PERFECT reply!

Module 8 – Developing Leadership and Duplication (that all too elusive term!) It’s possible, and I’ll show you how!

BONUS MP3 Modules!!!


1. Handling the Most Common Objections – Do you struggle when people ask you if this is a “pyramid?” Are you stumped at how to handle skepticism about MLM; objections to a monthly cost? I’m not good at sales; I’ve done this before and it didn’t work; Do I have to recruit; I don’t have time,  and more? This recording is going to give you the tools you need and what to say! And, I’ll show you how to “take it away” from those not qualified and keep your confidence and posture. Remember, Network Marketing, you and your business are NOT on trial!

2. Follow Up – Why the Fortune is There – You know it’s important, but how, when, and when is it too much? Learn how to follow up easily, effortlessly and without “bugging” people!

3. 8 Steps to a Successful Business Launch – Ready to get off to a fast start, and get your team launched too? Learn the 8 simple steps you need!

4. How to Successfully Work Offline Networking Events – You may have attended networking events in the past without much success? Learn how to prepare ahead of time; what to do at the event, and even more important, what to do AFTER the event to create business and referral partners.

5.  Secrets of the Millionaire Earners – Success leaves clues, right? All of the clues are contained in this recording!

6. Active Prospecting Vs. Passive Marketing – Understand the Difference and Where to Spend Your Time – Social media and the tools of the internet are powerful for building a business. And, it’s important to know “what is what” as you engage online and how to spend your time effectively.

7.  Special Q and A Session With Live Questions – Wondering how to keep your focus? How to develop your calendar for success? How to tame the beasts of email and social media? Being Effective? How to network with people while out and about? And more!

8. Social Media Marketing Overview – the How, What, When, and Where of Using Online Tools – Let’s break it down and share what you need; what you want to do; and a complete overview of how to put the basics together!

9. JUICY One Liners I’m going to share some simple ice breakers and ways to introduce what you are doing that creates interest, without making you feel like a telemarketer, or wondering what to say next. How to introduce; share a tool; what to say when they ask – What is it – how to ask for referrals; how to use other people’s stories for credibility and what to say when you’ve contacted them before about another business that was not successful for you. (You are going to LOVE this one!)

And, Drumroll PLEASE -5 Special one hour interviews with Masters

Doug Firebaugh, PassionFire and Home Business Radio Network Founder.
Doug shares his story, how he started and built a downline of tens of thousands, and what happened when he saw the vision and power of the Internet as a tool for building a business! Doug combines the best of Cutting Edge School, both old school and new school techniques! His ideas on training a team are off the chart!


Kellie Hosaka, Full Time Working Mom, replaced her income and quit her job in a few short months! How did she do it; what habits did she develop and how can you do the same? Listen as 6 figure earner, tens of thousands on her global team, Kellie shares HOW! And, how social media has changed the game for her!

David Frey, Marketer, turned Internet Marketer, turned Network Marketer. David shares how he shifted his mindset to be open to MLM, the importance of attending events, and getting people started right!


Richard Brooke, Vision and Self Motivation for Success. Richard is the master trainer and motivator that made the shift for me in my mindset and thinking. Every year, I read his book, Mach II With Your Hair on Fire. In this hour long interview, Richard shares his powerful story from Chicken Factory to Multi Million Dollar producer and Company CEO. He talks about how a small decision impacted his life forever!


Ray Higdon – from near foreclosure to seriously living the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. Ray will change how you think about starting over; being a success and what to do when you have been in a dozen “deals” and burned out a warm market!

So, if you are ready for success, take advantage of the Launch Special for MLM Business Mastery. Over 18 hours of training right at your fingertips, and “earbuds!”

$57, including all bonuses!  


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What others have said about my training:

“Jackie Ulmer is the best of the best. She is not a ‘one hit wonder’. I worked side by side with Jackie at her first Network Marketing company as she grew a team of thousands. She went on to become a top leader our profession.She doesn’t just teach it . . . she’s a doer. She practices what she preaches! Power Recruiting is one of the best ‘How To’ programs I have ever heard. It gives you the real strategies, steps and skills for succeeding as a professional network marketer. Her ideas will inspire you to take action. I highly recommend this one. Five Stars!!! Jordan Adler, Author “Beach Money” and 7-Figure Network Marketing Professional

“Jackie is a true expert when it comes to social media, social networking and building a direct selling business. There is not one influential person in in the direct sales industry who does not know and like Jackie. Which means; if you want that kind of reputation, then hire Jackie!” Andrea Waltz, Author of Best-Selling “Go For No” Training Program

“The ripples of your servant leadership wave worldwide…. You are a gift to all who study you.”Richard Brooke, Network Marketing Company CEO, Author of Mach II With Your Hair on Fire; The Four Year Career

“Jackie Ulmer is an extraordinary trainer.she has created a significant network marketing income by using both online and traditional business building methods. She has a strong grasp on how to leverage social media in a very practical and implementable way. She is an excellent strategic teacher.
It is said that the most inspiring people speak from the abundance of the heart. This is Jackie’s true ace in the hole. She is passion-filled and has enormous heart for this business and for people. It comes across in every word she says. I heartily recommend Jackie and her training.”Margie Aliprandi. 

“Earlier this year we hosted a sold-out webinar with Jackie Ulmer, the network marketer genius who “cracked the code” on using the internet to build her downline. Jackie let us in on some of her most powerful (and mostly ignored) internet marketing secrets. If you’re serious about getting more qualified leads in the next 6 months than you’ve gotten in the last 6 years, AND you want to use the internet to do it, then this 120 minute recorded webinar of power-packed information, is for you.” Tim Sales, Brilliant Compensation

Great training is rare today. Jaw dropping training is nearly impossible to find. Unless you know Jackie Ulmer. She has accomplished the impossible. Her trainings are jaw dropping nuggets that each are unique, fresh, and come from successful experience – from social media to the more traditional work at home tactics . SHE HAS DONE IT- not just teaches it. Her rich experience makes her training resources a GOLD MINE for any Success Library. Wow. She is brilliant and yet humble. Listen to ANYTHING she has to say!” Doug Firebaugh,

“Jackie is a proven and accomplished student of network marketing and direct selling, and has a unique ability to connect with others and help them find true success in business. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone truly interested in building a successful and profitable business working from home.” Eldon Beard,

“Jackie is a dedicated leader with a true commitment to direct selling. She brings a level of professionalism to all she does and is a valuable asset to the industry. Jackie is a giving and caring mentor.” Direct Sales Marketing Training at

“Jackie is the consummate professional. She is an expert in social media marketing and developing strategies to assist you in moving your business to the next level. Whether you have a traditional small business or a home based business, partnering with Jackie Ulmer on any level would be a wise move.” Marshall Gilliam, Owner President at JMG Marketing Group

“I hired Jackie to help me with SEO optimization for my business. She and her partner Leslie optimized my blog posts and website and in less than a week I went from page 2 on Google to the top 5 listings in all relevant categories for my business niche. Working with Jackie was simple and affordable and my results were beyond what I expected. I highly recommend her to anyone considering her services.” Julie Anne Jones, owner

“Jackie is one of the rare people you meet in life who have a huge impact. Her commitment, dedication, integrity, resolve, and persistence has raised the bar in the online marketing world. She leads and directs with keen insight and is an asset to any organization or business leader that engages her services — a true professional.” Jack Weinzierl, MBA Sales Executive

“I found Jackie in 2009. Her website is a wealth of information that has helped me take my business to the next level. After following her advice I learned some new techniques for connecting with my customers via social networking. Her tips on internet marketing are spot on. I have also purchased some of her CD material, specifically: Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0 . This program was well worth the money for anyone interested in learning more about social networking. I’m looking forward to doing more business with Jackie in the future.” Michael Sparks, Independent Dealer / Direct Jobber at AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers