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Hello Network Marketing Professional!

MLM BLogging for ProfitsAre you ready to unleash the power of Blogging and the tools that the Internet offer you in building your Network Marketing  Business? Specifically, attracting a mob of hungry, interested prospects for your business and your products?

Are you challenged by what to write about and how to get it into a few paragrpahs that make sense?

Would you like the writing done for you?

Great! That’s what you are going to get here! As a seasoned writer, I’m going to get your blogging posts done for you!

If you’ve read my story, you know that I struggled with the same challenges that so many Network Marketers have – finding enough prospects for the business, the products, following up – and all of that while balancing a family! And, struggling to find the time to create content online is often a big struggle, right?

When I “discovered” the Internet in 1999, I knew I had found my solution – something that would give me time leverage and be working for me 24/7, while I was busy working my business offline; at the park or beach with my children; traveling, sleeping or WHATEVER!

The primary challenges most Direct Sales and Network Marketing Professionals share with me regarding getting started online with a blog are:

I’m not a great writer and I don’t know what to blog about.

I know people are making money and sponsoring people through Facebook; how do I do it?

How do I create ongoing content?

How do I fit all of this Social Media Marketing stuff into a reasonable amount of time each day?

What do I do once I actually have someone interested in my business?


Great news, My MLM Blogging for Profits package covers all of this and more. I have made it so simple for you, you are going to love it!


“MLM Blogging for Profits” is going to deliver you with 52 weeks of written blog content that you can add right to your blog to establish YOU as the expert in your niche!

No more hassling over what to say; how to say it and how to get it into readable content! I’m doing that for you. Ideally, you will add a little of your own personality to the content provided and make it more your style. There are no links back to me or references to me. Just high quality, generic training content designed to establish YOU as an expert and attract an audience!

In the MLM Blogging for Profits Package, you will get –


MLM Blogging for 52 Weeks – Electronically Delivered Once a Week – once a week, you’ll receive a Blog Post that you can add right to your blog that contains all of the details for building a Network Marketing business successfully. You’ll receive blog posts on topics such as 3 System Sponsoring; Notifying Your Warm Market; The Importance of Follow Up; Leadership Development; Discovering Your Prospects Why; Simple Scripts to Introduce Your Business and much, much more! Over 46 weeks more, in fact! – Value – $497

Street Smart Scripts – E-book Download -this power packed e-book teaches you exactly what to say to your prospects to engage them in a conversation about your business in person, over the phone, leaving messages, online and much more, including an email series for your autoresponder! – Value – $14.95

Profit In Your PJs: How to Create and Build Your Dream Business Online in 30 Minutes a Day – Download Bonus PDF – The Internet is an amazing tool for developing an ongoing pool of prospects for your business. Lots of people like to talk about the fact that it can be done, but you don’t always learn the nuts and bolts. How do you find people? How do you develop a brand and a message? I’ll share the exact steps and components you will want to have in place to create an entire online marketing system that gets you and your business in front of hundreds and even thousands of people daily. Value – $197

Creating Content – MP3 Download Bonus – Success using the Internet to Build Your Business is all about content. This content can be articles and text; video; audio and more. Google and the Search Engines love content and they love fresh content. But how do you find the time and put it all together without spending hours each day? Have you ever wondered how to create articles, blog posts, videos and all of the things that make up Social Media Marketing? Relax, I’m going to share my secrets on how I take a few key topics each month and turn them into 16 to 20 pieces of content for the internet. I’ll show you how to easily make a few concepts and hours a month create content that works for you 24/7. Value – $47.00

Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day – PDF Download – A question I am also asked is how much time must a person spend online in Social Media to be effective? There is not a right or wrong here, but we are all busy, right? And there are many other things you must be doing in your Direct Sales Business to make it successful, so sitting on Facebook all day isn’t going to cut it. You are going to get a simple checklist and ideas for how to set your goals and develop a Social Media Action plan. This will free up your time tremendously when you know exactly what main steps you need to be doing online and how to set goals around this. You will learn the most important things you must be doing to be successful. Value – $47.00

You Have a Lead, Now What? MP3 Download – This is an exciting time for you online; you have your online business system set up; you are making effective use of Social Media and people are wanting to know more about your business! You’ve hit your goal and you are starting to attract leads using Social Media and the Tools of the Internet, but now what? What are the steps you should take to get them signed up in your business? Should you call them; use email only? What do you say when they answer the phone and then what steps should you take them through? You are going to learn exactly what to do first; what to say and how to develop a 3 step system so that you and your prospect both know what comes next! – Value $67

So, you get over $800 in products that are going to teach you EXACTLY the steps I have taken to create a multi-million dollar business in Direct Sales and Network Marketing (yep, I built my millions in the profession and not just selling tools!) and you are going to get it for the unbelievably low price of –

$127 – Seriously – all that for only $127 – But,  Wait!


Act now because this special is only being offered as an introductory price and it will be going up!

Click the link and let’s get you started Blogging and using Social Media Marketing for MORE profits!

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Here is a sample of what you’ll receive weekly for posting on your blog –

Part Time Network Marketer’s make up the largest majority of our profession and most people start out part time. Don’t be fooled, though! It is very possible to build a full time business with part time effort.

Here are some ideas to make the most of a part time effort:

1. Every Sunday evening, block out your calendar for those time slots that you have available to work your business. This may mean sacrificing a few things like TV for 4 hours a night, lunch out with the work gang, etc.

2. Make every moment count. Again, focus. If you block out 5 to 10 hours per week, you must make the most of that time. That is not the time you spend lost in email; listening to company voice mail, opening mail, designing a flyer, etc. This is time that is spent doing one of three things – presenting your business, asking someone new to take a look, or following up with someone who has seen it. That’s it

3. You must have a simple, duplicable and organized system for working through your contact list. Let the tools of your business do the work for you.

4. Be consistent and persistent. Honor your business time and demand that others honor it, too. Get your calls out of the way early on, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day, doing whatever.

5. Learn your business and the compensation plan, and develop a quick 5-10 minute presentation for explaining it. Don’t worry about knowing every fine details of the compensation plan. Know how to explain how to earn a couple hundred to one thousand dollars extra a month.

A full time effort has nothing to do with the hours available in the day. It’s what you do with that time that counts!

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