Facebook for MLM and Direct Sales Profits

Facebook Basics MLMAre You Building Your Direct Sales Team on Facebook

Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels on Facebook? Spending plenty of time there but it is yielding NOTHING in terms of business results?

You know people are profiting with Facebook, right? People are sponsoring old friends and new friends through Facebook, but how are they doing it? What do they know that you don’t?

I sponsor people every month from Facebook and many of them are people I did not know before. This happens because I KNOW how to use Facebook as a powerful tool to connect me to the right people for my business.

And, I’m going to share just how I do that with you!

I have sponsored people in my local market; across the country; and across the globe!

And, I’ve sponsored friends from Elementary school and beyond – all who have watched me on Social Media and contacted me to know more!


So, you are probably asking – how do you get to that point?


In Facebook Marketing for MLM and Direct Sales Profits, I’m going to share some key tips with you on how to set your business up for success through both your Personal Profile and your Business Page.


You’ll learn:


How to Create a Power Profile – what are the key elements? What should you include and not include

How to Identify Your Target Audience

How to Build Relationships With Strangers, Turning Them to New Warm Market

How to Develop Your Brand

How to Create Your Business/Fan Page – how to use it effectively, how do keywords fit into it so that Google finds it? How to interact with others by USING your Page

How toFind Old Friends and Make New Friends – what are the key pieces to having someone accept your friendship, and then what do you do with it?

What to Share For Good Engagement

And, how do you share your business in a way that attracts people and doesn’t make you lose your friends?

How often should I update my status

How Do I Find New People to Connect With

What To Do On My Business Page To Create Interest

How Do I Use Groups and Pages

How Do I Build a Local Team With Facebook

How Do I Hold a Party on Facebook

What About Facebook Business Overview Events

Should I Create a Group For My Customers

How to Use the POWERFUL Birthday Feature (For More Than Happy Birthday!)

How to Use Facebook Live

How to Best Use Facebook Messenger Chat Feature

Should I Tag People

How the Facebook Algorithm Works

How do I invite people to take a look, without it feeling like spam

What are the best times to post What types of posts and what words should I use and avoid?

How Do I Develop a Daily Strategy?



Let’s get your Facebook Time working for you in your Network Marketing business.


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