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Done For You Social Media ContentAre you one of the thousands of Direct Sellers who know there is a way to attract your perfect audience through Social Media, but are wondering,  how do you do it?

Do you stare at your Facebook Page, your Instagram account, and your blog and wonder –




You’re busy, and who has time each day to figure out what to say in a blog post; how to make Social Media Image quotes that get engagement and how get more shares and likes to a page…




Done For You Social Media Content


Blog Post Starters – this is content that you can use on your blog. If you’ve ever stared at a blank screen, or are struggling to start a blog because you don’t know what to add to it, this program will give you a fresh piece of content each week. It’s typically 3-6 paragraphs and ideally you can add a little touch of your own to put your voice into it and BAM – you have instant blog content. And, Google LOVES fresh content and will reward your blog with higher search engine rankings, attracting more people to your business. And, if you’ve ever wondered what to say out on Twitter, or how to bring people from Instagram back to your blog, you can just market this content on those sites and have people click to go to your site to read the full article!


Image Quotes – Ever notice how many people like and share images that have inspiring quotes on them? A LOT! And, most people don’t have time or any idea where to find or purchase images and then how to add the fun, fancy text and fonts.


Conversation Starters – asking engaging questions on Facebook and Instagram, can get lots of shares and responses. But, what to say and share? Now, you’ll know just what to ask!


Yep, it’s all done for you. And, even better, once you get in the habit of putting content out there, you will begin to come up with more ideas of your own!


How Does It Work?


3 Days a week, you’ll get content to share –

A Blog Post Starter

An Engaging Image Quote

A Conversation Starter to Create Engagement


Example of a Blog Post Starter –


When your prospect thinks it’s Saturated

Has this ever happened to you? You have a great prospect evaluating things; someone you just know is going to say yes and do great things. On the follow up call, however, your prospect says – “I don’t think it’s for me. I’m afraid it might be saturated.”

How do you respond?

Here is an idea of a response –

“Do you think this because of things you’ve seen on Facebook or Social Media? Are you aware Facebook shows you what it thinks you want to see by tracking your history and other things you’ve searched while logged in?

How many people do you personally know who are involved?

Think how many people turn 18 every day, and these days, college degree or not, they might be looking for more than a job.

People’s life situations change every 6 months or so, so someone who was not interested or looking last year, might be totally open to the possibilities this year.

Is this really a concern of yours, or are you just hesitant to tell me no?

Saturated? Not even close. I just wish we could saturate a market!”


Simply take the content that is emailed to you, copy and paste it to share on your blog, add your own thoughts to make it more from your voice; create image quotes from it; ask questions on social media from the content; and then market it out through your facebook page or profile, on Twitter and LinkedIn and get it out there, branded to you!



Example of an Image Quote –




Share this on your Facebook personal profile; your business page; Instagram; Pinterest; and other social sites; as well as use it as an image in a blog post and create a short article around it, with your experiences.



Example of a Conversation Starter –


What are the 3 most important things you devote your time and energy to?


Post this on your Facebook Profile and business page and invite others to share their answers. This creates great engagement and conversation, driving more traffic to your page and profile. You can also create a short, blog post from the question.



This is a month to month subscription program, and you can cancel at any time.


Get 3 pieces of content a week (that’s 12 pieces of content!) for – $27 every 4 weeks!


Once your transaction is complete, you will be re-directed to a form to complete that puts you into the content subscription.

Let’s rock your business on Social Media – what are you waiting for?