Set Your Leadership Goals FIRST – Share Your Vision With the Team

Part of developing your blueprint for success in your Direct Sales and MLM business requires setting those Leadership Goals. Leadership Goals include both your personal goals for sponsoring; retailing products; and developing leaders on the team. From there, you can share this vision with your Network Marketing team and inspire them to catch the vision; buy into it and set their own goals. This creates amazing synergy in moving your team, and yourself forward.

Here are some ideas on “Getting it done!”

Set your 5 Power MLM Goals and celebrate the many successes of your team!

I would love to hear YOUR goals and aspirations as we move to a new year!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


  1. Very Good Post-

    I just wrote an article on Leadership which may be of beefit to your readeers which I have posted below:

    Leadership Essentials In today’s ever increasing global economy and competitive market, are at a premium both in leadership qualities and the personnel you need to make things happen. What are some of the important characteristic qualities that you need just to remain competitive in your work or industry?

    FAITH: Don’t worry this is not a sermon on religious thinking, but I believe the element of faith (or the lack thereof…) goes a long way in defining one’s success in any leadership position. God put you in this position, and God take you out of this position. You are at the mercy of God-give Him the adoration, and thanksgiving that HE deserves. Also ask HIM for strength, wisdom, and discernment that you will need.

    FOCUS: How focused are you in your leadership role? Think about it? Your focus or lack of attention to the bigger “picture” has lasting implications not only on you as leader, but on your employees under you, and more importantly to the organization and program you represent. Make sure you understand the bigger picture so you are focused.

    FIRM: How firm are you as a leader? Are you consistent or wishy-washy when it comes to decisions and your day to management style? This is important for obvious reasons. How can you govern if you are never consistent in your day to day managerial duties? There’s a fine line between being firm-but also being fare n the process.

    FAIR: How fair are you in your governing style? Do you show favoritism to “certain” staff employees or in certain situations? How can you expect to be effective if you govern from both sides of the fence? You need to set governing boundaries that are STATIC – do not change with the circumstances.

    FORGIVE: Are you able to forgive yourself or others when something does not go as planned? This is essential in being able to forgive others including yourself. You’ve been working for months on a proposal which you just knew you would win, but you didn’t. Who do you blame if it was under your directorship or leadership? Do you harbor resentment and bitterness or do you let it go and move on? This is an essential quality not just for business life but more importantly in your personal quality of life as well. Remember you can be bitter or better – which one are people seeing in you? Think about it…

    FORGET: Are you able to forget about past “offenses” infractions, and move on the next biggest task or are you sulking and preoccupied by past hurts, grievances that were caused by other staff. You have to be able to forget so you can focus on future objectives.

    It’s Your Attitude not your Altitude which determines your Altitude in life….

    Remember: “The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”

  2. Thanks Angelica and I think you have an awesome goal! Actually, several great ones. Keep them out in front and work toward them every day, even when it feels you are getting no where!

    Thanks for the kind feedback, too!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  3. Hi Jackie,

    It’s the first time I visit your blog and I really like it. You give so much value! I found you through thatMLMbeat and your blog really deserves to among the best 50.

    I’ve thinking about leadership goals too. My biggest one now is to have a stronger online presence and reach more moms like us who need coaching to develop their own leadership. As the 2010 rolls my goal is to create more material in Spanish for the Hispanic community.

    Thanks for a great blog,

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