Periscope Profits For Business

Periscope Profits For Business

Let's Connect on Periscope @jackieulmerAre you ready to jump in and grab First Mover Advantage on a hot new Social Platform and App that is growing like a weed, and creating a game changer for many in business?

It’s no secret that the internet and Social Media have leveled the playing field and allowed those with vision, passion and true ambition to strike it rich! Periscope is the latest in tools to allow anyone to build a global business.

As of early August, 2015, there are less than 10,000,000 people across the globe using Periscope and of those, only 1% – like less than 100,000 people – are broadcasting. That leaves plenty of people LOOKING for scopes to watch and people to follow.

Do you see where this could really change your business? I believe Periscope could change how you interact with your fans, prospects, and customers in so many good ways

And, I admit, at first, I didn’t really get it. Especially when I saw people scoping about walking their dog, and – I’m bored, talk to me…And, help me choose what shoes to wear….

Really? Who has time for this?


If you’re not familiar with Periscope, it’s an app allows you to livestream video from your phone or device.


(Here’s a link to one of my latest broadcasts so you can get a feel for what it’s like).

And your followers, fans, prospects, and clients can hop on and watch you on video, and interact with you (and other people watching), LIVE – right there, right then.

As I mentioned, I was a little confused at first, thinking – who would watch some rough, unedited, raw, live video with just a few seconds notice?

(When you go live on Periscope, your followers get an alert, and they have to decide – watch the broadcast live right now, or watch the replay within 24 hours because Periscope automatically deletes replays in 24 hours).

I wondered if anyone actually show up? With no notice? Don’t people pre-schedule everything?

Well, I planned my first one; put a little image on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and had hundreds show up, some on the app and some on the web broadcast! And, I sold over $1000 in products in my first 48 hours, which is not mind blowing, but it literally cost me about 30 minutes of time.


Here’s the thing – right now, it’s still early in the game. Have you ever thought – I wish I would have done XXX when…..


Started my business…

Built a blog….

Got on Twitter….

Well, now you have NO excuses. Except that you just didn’t take action.

Don’t miss this.


Here’s what you will learn in Periscope Profits for Business:

What is Periscope?
Why Periscope For Business and Why NOW?
The Power in First Mover Advantage
Ideas for Building Your Brand Through Periscope
The Power is in Community and Engagement
List Building
Setting Up Your Account
Understand the Importance of Connecting Via Twitter
Equipment Needed
Preparing For Your First Broadcast
Setting Up Your Broadcast Area
Your Periscope Content Strategy
Pre-Promotion of Your Periscope Broadcast
How to Start and Broadcast Live
Giving Viewers a Call to Action
How to Share and Market After Broadcast Ends
Repurposing Content
Hearts, Comments and Feedback
How to Find and Follow People
Topics to Scope About
Business Strategy
Best Times to Broadcast
How Long Should Each Scope Be
HashTag Strategy
How to Get More Followers
How to Sell On Periscope
8 Laws of Periscope Success
30 Day Topic Plan For Periscope For Direct Sales (only in the Direct Sales edition)
Misc Tips and More!

There are two copies available – one specifically for my niche, Direct Sales and Network Marketing, and that’s the first one. The second is generic, for ANY type of business.


Get Periscope Profits for Direct Sales Success

Mindset to Millions - Getting UnStuck in Your Direct Sales Business


Get Periscope Profits for Business Success – this is for ANY type of business and not specific to Direct Sales


Mindset to Millions - Getting UnStuck in Your Direct Sales Business