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How Does One Build a Successful Business Online

opt-in-personAfter I exhausted my warm market list, I turned to ads, offline networking and lots of other things to continue growing my business.

Some of those were not such a great fit for me.

I’m Jackie Ulmer and thanks for taking just a moment to learn more about how you can build a successful business online!

Does This Describe You?

You want to build a successful Network Marketing Business.

You know others are doing it, and why not you?

You’ve gone through your warm market and now you are wondering where you are going to find people who are interested in your business.


If you said yes to any or all of these, I can relate!

Like you, I wanted qualified leads and team members for my downline. I wanted to work with people excited, and motivated to start a business.

I wanted people to come to ME, interested in what I was sharing.

I didn’t want to sell or convince ANYONE!

I wanted people who were motivated, like ME!

Once I took my business online, EVERYTHING changed for me.

It was not always easy, but it was so worth it!

Today, my time and my efforts are now leveraged thanks to the internet and I have a business that runs 24/7, no matter where I am in the world.

It’s something I can use to build locally, as well as globally.

I’ll be sharing exactly what worked for me!

My 25 Top Lead Sources is a great way for you to learn not only where to go to find your target audience, but how to connect with them in a way that creates interest.

You’ll learn –

How to create a “pinch me” business where prospects come to YOU!

What is this thing called “Attraction Marketing” and how does it really work?

My Top 25 Sources for Leads Online and how I use them.

4 Key Components you want to have in place to create leads and sponsor them!


Grab the report and let’s get you started.