MLM Leads

Are you looking for qualified leads for your business?

You’ve exhausted your warm market; you are attending networking events and meeting new people, but it’s just not growing fast enough.

Maybe you’ve tried working “Biz Opp” leads before with little or no success, and yet you know some people are having big success this way.

Would you like to finally crack the code on the “System” that it take to be successful using paid leads to build your business?

Does this describe you?

I have to confess, I have not always been a fan of working “biz opp leads.” This is largely due to my own lack of education on how to really be successful with this method of business building and a less than stellar time spent calling a bunch of deadbeats!

I am, however, a fan of faster growth and solid team duplication. And, I am a fan of following a proven system for success.

After a lot of research by myself and my team, we are having success with a lead source that is not only affordable, but producing quality responses and interest in the business. One thing we aren’t hearing – “I never requested information!” (More on why below!)



The reason I believe this lead source is of higher quality than most is because these leads have already purchased information on working from home. They have taken out their credit card (which means they HAVE one!) and given their name, address, email and phone number within the last 30 days. (Any bad numbers/addresses are replaced.)

Because of this simple action, the lead source quality is much higher than someone who is up late at night, mad at their boss and starts clicking and filling out forms, only to cool off the next day and “forget” that they requested information.

Working leads can be an outstanding way to grow a business, and there is a specific SYSTEM and approach that must be learned and followed if you want success.

It’s like ANY method. It’s not magical; it’s not perfect; it’s simple to do and simple not to do.

There are only two types of people you will ever talk to or contact about your MLM.

1) People that you know (your warm market)

2) People that you don’t know (the cold market)


This may seem overly simplified, but from a marketing perspective this is 100% accurate.

And, the better that you and your entire organization become a MASTER of each technique the larger your check will be!

One important point I want you to remember is that in order to have a long-term residual income with MLM you have to learn and teach a DUPLICATABLE SYSTEM.

Some people naturally have gifts and talents and these are not duplicable to everyone. And, everyone has their own gifts and talents.  Business skills are one thing that CAN be learned and duplicated in MLM. IF you will commit and master the process.

If you are willing to learn, follow and MASTER a system for success working leads, you will be successful. However, please note:

You must be thick skinned and willing to tolerate a few rude people on the other end of the phone.

You must be willing to get off work (or whatever) and call, email and mail information to 5 leads a day, 20 days a month. More if you want to grow faster.

You must commit to a 90 day window with each lead. This means contact and follow up.

You must understand the importance of Follow Up in the overall process.

Learn More About The Leads Here


You can “Test Drive” these leads for less than $10.

However, if you get started at the $99 level and as my partner in this program, you will get the scripts, emails, webinar and video training, monthly conference calls and the complete system we use to be successful, along with recorded calls on how we are working this system. I’ll show you how to use an effective Direct Mail Postcard campaign to really pump up your results. You can have the postcard system set up in less than thirty minutes and be ready to rock and roll! You must get started at the $99 package to get my training and resources.

So, check it out today, and take your business to the next level and duplicate that with your team!

And, for more, listen to my interview with the Founder of this Lead Company Here!