Managing a Large Team in Network Marketing

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Do You Worry About How to Manage a Large Team in Your Network Marketing Business?



Have you ever heard the expression that some people actually fear success more than they fear failure? Does this possibly describe you? If you are concerned ahead of time about how you will EVER manage a large team, you might just be suffering from “fear of success.”


This was something I struggled with in the beginning, and then, as time when on, and the team grew, I realized that the BEAUTY in Network Marketing is “Time Leverage!”


It’s not your job to “manage” anyone. Your job is to do the fundamentals of List, Share and Sponsor, and then train using the tools and system outlined by your company. If you do this, and teach the same to those you sponsor, and so on, everyone is equipped to handle and enjoy a large team. And THAT is the name of the game.


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So, are you ready? Fearless and powering forward….

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer