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Jackie Ulmer’s Live Weekly Training Calls

If you are looking for ongoing, generic training on how to be successful in your networking marketing business, get on my weekly free, live training calls.

I’ve been in Network Marketing since January, 1994 and I have gone through the struggles and pitfalls that you may have experienced. I was not a “fast starter – big success story” in my early days. But, I stuck with it, developed the skills needed to become the success I wanted and now I love sharing this with others.

We stay to right about 30 minutes to an hour and cover topics from:

  • Launching (or re-launching) Your Business Successfully
  • Scripting and Language to Create TRUE Interest in Your Prospects
  • Developing an Ongoing List of Prospects
  • How to Present Your Opportunity
  • Follow Up – What Does it Mean and How to Be Effective
  • Social Networking – Use the Power of the Internet to Attract Interested Prospects For Your Business
  • Blogging and how to Establish Yourself as a Leader and Authority
  • Leadership – You are Building a Team, Now What?
  • Successfully Working Through Challenges and Personalities


Calls are held weekly, Thursdays, at 12pm EASTERN

The recording stays until Sunday evening ¬†following the call and is no longer available after that date. All calls will be available soon in my “MLM Mastery Training Vault.” Stay tuned for details.

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