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Jackie Ulmer, Award Winning TrainerAre you looking for a mentor for success in Network Marketing and Global, Online Business/Team Building?

Do you want a sponsor who’s going to be there for you to get you launched successfully in your business from day one? Be there to answer your questions? I would love to be that person for you!

I have a big belief in diversified, multiple streams of income, so don’t be alarmed. After having one company go out of business; another change the product formula; and compensation plan changes by others, I want a diversified income. Because of this, you’ll see several options offered by me, and they ALL work together to form a solid, working plan online and offline.

I want to truly own my own business and my life, and when one is diversified, that is what happens! It’s a beautiful thing!

Completing this form allows us to explore the possibilities and have a conversation about what you are looking for and what I offer. This is about working together with me in my primary company, not about me coaching you in your current company. I want to be clear about what you are requesting and what you will receive.

This gives us a chance to get to know each other better and see if we might be a fit to work together. And, don’t worry – I will never try to “Sell” you into my business. That’s not my style and I’m not interested in convincing anyone. And, I’m guessing you don’t want to be sold, right?

Complete the brief form below and let’s see if we might have a match….. Once you complete the form, check your email in box for further details.

This will be giving you the details on working with me in my primary Network Marketing company, and affiliated programs.

This is not about me coaching you if you are already involved in another company, as I am no longer offering one on one coaching for those outside of my team. Make sense? 



Yes Jackie, I am committed, motivated and COACHABLE and ready to learn the secrets to building a business online, from home! I’m ready to partner in business with you! I believe in multiple streams of income.

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