Your Online Business System Set Up

How Do I Use the Internet as a Tool to Build a Network Marketing Business?


You’ve heard the buzz about people sponsoring others into their Network Marketing business with Facebook; Twitter; YouTube and other Social Media Marketing Tools, right? And you want to do it, too!

Is this what you want?


Qualified leads for your business

People who already “get” Network Marketing

Prospects who are expecting your call because they’ve been to your site

A method for generating leads 24/7

Here is what I teach:


How to get all of the above!


My goal is to show you how to do this without spending a small fortune. If you are willing to get committed; be passionate; invest some time and money; follow someone who has actually built a Network Marketing business online, and hasn’t just made their money selling “secrets” to others then you will be successful!


I’m going to recommend some of my resources first. On the video training and throughout this site and blog, there are lots of guidelines, but nothing beats having it all in one place; where you can find it when you need it.


Take the first step and get your blog/site set up. This will be your central marketing hub and is step number ! I’m serious – what are you waiting for? There is no time like RIGHT now!




      Setting Up Your WordPress Blog



These are the steps and actions that have allowed me to sponsor over 1,200 people in 7 years; all people who came to me!

If you are wondering where to start; feeling overwhelmed with getting your online business system set up, here are my training programs:

Resource 1MLM, the Internet and You – my e-book on exactly how I started, what I did and how I still build today using the Internet; how to launch your website/blog; attracting your audience; capturing leads; using Social Media Marketing such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more! MLM, the Internet and You


Resource 2Social Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Into Your Business Using Web 2.0 – this 2 CD set takes you through the details on how to find, meet, get to know, and sponsor people into your business using Social Media. I’ve sponsored over 1,200 people, so I know how to do this and can show you! Social Networking Online CDs


Resource 3  - Facebook For MLM and Direct Sales Profits - In this e-book, I’m going to share some key tips with you on how to set your business up for success through both your Personal Timeline and your Brand Timeline (formerly known as personal profile and business/fan page!). You’ll learn how to Create a Powerful Personal and Business Brand Timeline; how to direct people to your business, how to make status updates that engage and get attention and how to build relationships, and more.  Facebook For MLM and Direct Sales Profits


Resource 4 - MLM Blogging For Profits – Stumped with what to say or write about? This 52 week series will deliver one pre-written blog post to you each week, ready to attract your target audience! All you do is tweak the wording just a tad to make it sound more like you, and add it to your blog! And, begin attracting prospects and adding content.  MLM Blogging For Profits

Here is my story on taking my Network Marketing Business Online (despite the people who told me it could never be done!)


My Online Business Success Story: