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Party Plan businesses offer such a powerful way of creating immediate career income for anyone serious about owning a business of his/her own. Where else can you get started and create anywhere from $800 – 2000 a month having a great time socializing with people?

Where else can you get paid for sharing amazing products; enjoying refreshments and meeting new people?

Solid training on exactly how Party Plan works and the power behind the “Retail to Recruit” platform is critical. If you are like me, you may have considered it just a “one time only retail event” in the beginning. Once you “get” the power in creating future bookings (which secures future income); and planting the seeds of opportunity to build a team; you might be hooked on Party Plan.

Here are some resources to assist you in learning how to create the Party Style business of your dreams

Home Party Plan Training

Julie Anne Jones Products – Julie Anne Jones – Julie has been successful ondirect sales/party plan; network marketing and online social media marketing. She has held several training programs for our team and company with great success. Her products are highly updated for today’s market and focused on solid language skills to be successful.

Ultimate Guide to Direct Selling – Karen Phelps – Success in Direct Selling is Possible for You!All you need is a good system. Years of experience have helped me craft a process that is proven to work. Once you learn it, teach others to duplicate what you do and watch your earnings soar. I attended a Karen Phelps Direct Sales Bootcamp Training in Las Vegas and it was so powerful. I learned for a complete year from it, as I continued studying the material. There is a reason she went on over 20 trips in 20 years with her company as a top leader!

Party Plan Blogging – Have a blog but struggling for content? Check out my 52 weeks of Party Plan Blog Content delivered right to your inbox, ready to publish!

Video Learning for Party Plan

Party Plan Style Overview

Creating Immediate Income in Party Plan

Secrets to Party Plan Bookings

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