Set Up Your Online Business Presence

Build Your Network Marketing Business Online


mlm the internet and youSo, you want to build an online business Congratulations and I could not be more of a fan of owning an online business.  This is truly a business that runs 24/7, with or without you.

Of course, you have to take the steps to create your online presence, because simply blasting your business links out on Facebook is not what builds a strong business! Having a complete plan and strategy does!


Are you interested in making money –

  • While you sleep?
  • While you vacation?
  • Play golf?
  • Head to the Beach?
  • Hang with the family?
  • Do anything other than babysit it constantly?


Great, let’s get started!

This page will take you through getting your WordPress Blog set up, and your lead capture system, ir Autoresponder set up as well. Be patient as there are a few videos and this can slow down the page load time.


Follow along, using the EXACT STEPS and you will be fine. I coach on the programs I use and endorse, so I can’t help you with other system.


Get the WordPress Blog Free Set Up Guide – HERE!


Get Your Site Hosting – – use the 20% coupon discount when you get there.


How to Register Your Domain and Set Up Your Hosting Video


How to Change Nameservers if Your Domain is Registered at Video



How to Install the Free WordPress Software Video – EASY PEASY!



Why A Custom WordPress Theme Design is Worth It



How to Install Your Custom WordPress Theme



WordPress Dashboard Overview



If you want more training on how to create and add your blog posts, your pages, lead capture forms, a custom header, and set up widgets, plugins and more, get in the Inner Circle – Direct Sales Online Coach is open!


Once this is done, your next step is to set up your Lead Capture and autoresponders.


Get the guide here!


Video links are included in the guide!


So, your site is done, launched and open for business. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not as easy as slapping up a website and waiting for sales to roll in.There is a lot more to it than that. And, if you are committed to learning and developing first, you can create a more automated business that will run on some degree of auto-pilot.

Success involves deciding-

  • What are you selling and what is the overall concept and content your blog delivers?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What content will appeal to them?
  • How will you market that content on Social Media and other sites to bring in leads?
  • What about building your list and following?
  • And, much, much more!


Learn the inner workings of this at Direct Sales Online Coach!


I promise if you will follow the exact steps laid out above, you will get there and prosper online!


Good luck in your business!


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