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Your Tools For Success in MLM and Success in Generating Your Own Leads and Prospects For Your Business

If you want to start generating your own leads online and attracting people who are already interested in what you offer to you, there are a few key pieces you must have in place.

Seriously, don’t bother if you don’t have a way to sell people on you first and your opportunity/what you offer, second.

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5 Key Components to Start With


Let’s start with the 5 key components that make up your marketing system online and that you must have –


Before developing your 5 component system, though, you need to know what you are doing and where you are going.

The Internet is highly distracting, wouldn’t you agree?

When I started in October, 1999, there was not nearly the “noise” online that there is today. Everyone promising you overnight riches but no one really telling you how to get there.

I spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on this manual; that program; etc. I quickly realized that my goal was to take my experience and put it into a roadmap for others so they would know what to do first, second and so on.

So, after I perfected my system and had my first 6 figure year, I wrote a book on how to do it.

Since then, I’ve become a multi million dollar earner using this exact system.


mlm the internet and youRead the details in my e-book, MLM, the Internet and YOU – How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business Online.


This is the roadmap that I used to start and develop my online presence back in 1999, and it is still the daily action plan I use today! There are no secrets, but you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and commit to the steps that it takes to build a presence and attract others to you.


Understand that you will need to develop some business skills and you’ll go faster if you are willing to invest in speeding up Social Networkingyour education. You may also want to check outSocial Networking Online: How to Attract and Sponsor Using Web 2.0 – this is how I sponsored over 1200 people personally in less than 7 years!


Then, proceed to develop your system by adding the following components….




Download my Free WordPress Blog Set Up GuideNow! MLM BLogging for ProfitsDon’t waste your time with the freebie stuff. “Been there, done that” and I know, some will say “I’ll just get started with that and see where it goes.” Okay then, if you know best!

For less than one lunch out a month you can be up and running with a great blog that you own; the search engines love; and that can begin your all important brand. These are the steps you need to take

First, you need to register a Domain Name and get Hosting. If you only want one domain hosted, you’re going to spend about $7.00. If you want unlimited, it’s around $10.00 monthly.

This is a great option as you get more seasoned and create splashpages and your personal site. Register your own NAME URL/Domain if available – such as jackieulmer.com  – it’s part of the branding process.


Your Blog Theme


I recommend getting an upgraded, paid theme. These are easier to use, and typically come with some type of support. Mine is “Lifestyle” and I got it at Studio Press.


Social Sites


Social Sites are your next step if you aren’t signed up.


Get an account at – Facebook , Twitter , YouTube, LinkedIn – I know, you probably don’t have videos yet, but get the account, you’ll learn why! These will get you started.  More tutorials are coming and be sure and watch my tutorial on setting up an effective profile.



View my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Profile/Channel to get some ideas, also.




Opt-In – List Building


Autoresponders – Here is the one I have used and recommended for 9 years.

Get the Autoresponder Free Guide HERE!



Online Education



MLM, the Internet and YOU; My E-book – finally, here are the exact steps I used. This is how I built a million dollar business online.

Facebook for MLM Profits – here are the nuts and bolts of being effective on Facebook and actually attracting and sponsoring others!

Social Networking Online – How to Attract and Sponsor Using Web 2.0 – Here’s exactly how to use Social Media, in a CD set!


And, if you are interested in Coaching – My Inner Circle Coaching Program Details Are Here!

All of my training programs can be found here!


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