Is Gen Y On Your Business Radar?

You’ve likely heard before that Generation Y is “entrepreneurial” Generation, and boy is it true. Unlike their parents, this group is not interested in the “old school” ways of –

Go to school; get a job…..and, well, the rest no longer applies, now does it? No one is really retiring rich from their job these days.

Forget cubicles and 50-60 hour work weeks for this group. They are much more interested in being fulfilled in a career they have a passion for, and the money is by no means the primary focus.

Good for them!

While keeping them focused can be a challenge, find a few of these sharp hot shots for your Network Marketing business and stand back. With their ease with technology and connected nature, you could have an explosive team in no time.

In fact, Mary Kay Cosmetics reports that 36% of their new business are run by Gen Y Entrepreneurs.

Here are some things to remember:

Keep it simple.

No boring meetings.

Upbeat music is crucial – this group is all about FUN!

Speaking of fun, make it ALL fun!

Travel and incentives are the hot ticket.

Have technology in place that makes the business run seamlessly!

So, those are some thoughts on growing YOUR business!

I would love for you to share your thoughts below, and any ideas you have on sponsoring this group onto your team!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer