How to Solve Any Problem in Network Marketing


How to Solve Any Problem in Network Marketing


Detach from the outcome when your prospect says no to your network marketing businessDo you ever feel challenged in your business – have those things that come up that you just don’t feel you can solve?

Often, these come down to things like –

I’m worried everyone will say no.
No one wants to listen to me.

And so on, those things we make up.

In today’s show, let’s chat about some steps you can take to solve any problem or challenge in your home business.

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How to Solve Any Problem in Network Marketing


There is no problem you can’t solve, no challenge you can’t overcome.

So, let’s pick a problem and think about it. Put it in your mind’s eye, place it in the palm of your hand. And, remember – it’s never the problem that is the real problem – it’s how we think about the problem.

We aren’t focused on thinking about the solution to the problem.  So let’s shift to the focus of – how do we solve this problem? I like to focus on the solution instead of spending a lot of time explaining the problem and talking about the problem or even making excuses about the problem.

When I do one on one coaching I get those who want to go on and on about the problem instead of giving it to me in one or two short concise sentences and then shifting our focus to the solution.

So, again, think about your problem.  Notice the way you’re thinking about it.  How do you feel? What emotions does it bring up? Is it helpful or is it not helpful?  The second thing is are you focused on the problem over and over and over again or have you put your mind to work on the solution?

Step 1 – determine what is fact and what is fiction.

What you want to do is take any issue in your life and separate the facts from the thoughts. Because there is a difference.

Step 2 – Figure out what you really want.

Step 3 – Evaluate what you’re doing when it comes to your problems.

First, are you taking action?
Second, are you reacting?

Step 4 – LifePlay book scripts – scripts we all make up about ourselves and others, and how we relate together.

We have these beliefs around how we run our lives and beliefs around how we think other people should act and relate to us, or run their lives.

The life play book is basically a mental “how to” book that you have written, at least in your mind, for those around you. We all tend to have expectations of others and how they should behave and quite frankly, we get a little frustrated when they don’t act according to plan.

Step 5 – Define who is really in charge of you.

When you have thoughts like, “People can hurt my feelings when they say no.” you are not being in charge of you.

Step 6 – Deciphering the difference between what you want – the future you dream about? Or your current reality and past?

Ok, so hopefully you feel empowered to solve any problem just by working through it step by step.


1. Define the problem.

2. Use the 6 step strategy on it.

3. Think about Life Play Book Scripts you have made up for yourself and others.

4. What’s fact and what’s fiction?

5. Where do you really want to be?


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