How to Become a Better Networker

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Become a Great Networker!

.. Becoming a skilled networker and finding prospects for your business is a learned, developed skill. Not everyone is born with it, but the good news is, if you are committed to becoming great, well then practice makes perfect.


Here are some simple tips that will help you not only in life, but also in business (which is a big part of life, right?)


1. Focus on always giving value, without regard to getting anything back. The old theory that “what you give out you get back ten-fold” is alive and well. However, we are too often concerned with instant gratification and have an expectation that we should gain immediately in our networking and prospecting endeavors. Relax, have fun, be authentic in your giving and you will get back!


2. Find a need and fill it. This is best done by asking questions, and truly listening. Ask how you might become a great referral partner for the person you are meeting. Ask what challenges they may be experiencing in different aspects of their life and business. Maybe your product or opportunity might help. And, maybe you have nothing to offer personally, but you know someone who can help. Be generous and people will remember you.


3. Be kind and respectful. We all have competition. Sometimes the human tendency is to become negative when talking about others in our field, in order to shine a bright light on ourselves. Sorry, it does not work this way. It creates a negative environment and your prospect will pick up on that negative energy and tend to shy away from YOU. After all, if you speak negatively of others, what might you say about them? Always take the higher road!


4. Take time to be interested and get to know people. People can smell a fake and when you are a “drive by networker”, meaning you ask questions but aren’t truly listening, people are aware of that. Sincere eye contact, listening, questions based around the other person and the discussion and time shared together will let your prospect know that you are truly intent on developing rapport and a friendship. Make it more than just business!


5. Strive to remember names. Everyone loves to be called by their name. It’s just human nature. There are tricks to help you do this, but repeating the person’s name back silently three to five times, as well as saying – Nice to meet you, Jane – as you shake Jane’s hand helps instill the name in your brain. People will be impressed and even if they don’t remember your name, they will remember you! ..


So, what do you think? How do you rate as a networker?


I would love your comments and thoughts below!!!


EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer