Do Your Prospects Think Your Business is Too Expensive?

If you’ve been in Network Marketing for any length of time, and actually shown your business to a few people, you’ve likely collided with the “money objection.”

It often comes in the form of:

Why should I pay a company to sell their products and services?

I can’t afford it.

I’ll have to wait until my next payday.


Sound familiar at all?

There are a few reasons for this “objection”, usually, and they don’t always have to do with money.

First, remember that most people come from an employee mindset, which means they are used to trading time for dollars, and making no investment into the “business” of working (unless you want to count slaving away for the best years and times of one’s life for someone else!)

This is where establishing rapport and asking great questions is so important.

If your prospect is not totally sold on you, or isn’t really sold on the idea of having a business that creates personal freedom in many forms, they may not REALLY be a prospect.

So, before you even get to the point of showing the business, make sure you have a qualified prospect. Find out what their “why” might be for building a business; how much time would they commit to the business? What are their goals? Do they understand what it will take t achieve those goals and what will be required of them? Are they coachable and willing to commit to educating themselves in all areas of business ownership and success, leadership and team building?

The more you can guide your prospect down this path before you show the business, the less the money objection will show up.

And, when you know their why ahead of time, you can weave that into each conversation!

Try and and I would love to know your results!

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Jackie Ulmer