Your Marketing Funnels

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingIt can be easy to get overwhelmed with the "lingo" of online marketing and Marketing Funnels is one of those terms that can really throw people off. In a nutshell, your marketing funnels are just those avenues you use to find people who MIGHT be... [Read more...]

Attraction Marketing – the Hot Buzz Word – What Does It Mean? How Does it Work?

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingYou've heard the buzz word everywhere - Attraction Marketing! But what is it and what does it mean? Does it work? Is it a fad? I've been practicing "Attraction Marketing" both online and offline for years, before it became the hot buzz... [Read more...]

Creating Powerful Relationships and Business Partnerships on Facebook

Relationships-726654What's more important to you in your "friendships" on Facebook or any other Social Media Marketing site - Quality or Quantity? I hope your answer is quality. What's the point of 5000 "friends"  if they don't know who you are; aren't interested... [Read more...]

Law of Attraction and Your Direct Sales/Network Marketing Business

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingHow Does Law of Attraction Affect Your Network Marketing Business Although I have always viewed myself as a happy, positive, optimistic person, my journey into Network Marketing uncovered some flaws that would need to be corrected in order to... [Read more...]

Is Internet and Attraction Marketing Really For You?

Law of Attraction and Network MarketingIt sounds exciting, doesn't it? Using the internet to build a hugely successful business; having your dream prospects find you and contact you about your business; the sweet sound of "cha-ching" as your cyberspace cash register tallies sales for you... [Read more...]