5 Tips to Make a Lasting Impression in Social Media

5 Tips to Lasting Impressions in Social Media

Creating and Leaving a Positive Impression Online   Social Media Marketing is a great way to extend your acquaintances, friendships and business relationships outside of your initial center of influence. It has leveled the playing field and … [Read more...]

Facebook Groups Marketing Questions

Wondering How to Make Facebook Groups Work For Your Business   With over 1 billion people worldwide now on Facebook, it is an outstanding tool for marketing yourself and your business. It doesn't matter what business you see, whether online … [Read more...]

Imagine What a Successful Online Business Can Bring You and Your Family

Imagine a Successful Online Business

Just Imagine the Possibilities   Take a moment and imagine what you could and WOULD do with an extra $10,000 every month . . .   What would your life be like?   How would you spend your time?   Can you think … [Read more...]

Facebook Blunders Again

Facebook Blunders and  Faux Paus . I truly marvel every day at how simple it is to generate interest and leads in a home and online business through Facebook.   And, to do so without alienating all of your friends, family and people … [Read more...]

Should You Have to Justify Wanting to Build Your Home Business Online

Justify Building Online to Your Sponsor

Do You Have to Build the Way Your Sponsor Does? . I had two interesting phone conversations recently with network marketers who want to use the internet as a tool to build a business. And, both of them have upline who are telling them it's a … [Read more...]

Finding Time to Work Your Online Business

Time to Build an Online Business

Business Building Time Must Be a Priority   Let's face it - we live in a BUSY world. Chaos is all around us in terms of juggling all that needs to be done; no less the things we want to do, right? So, when are you possibly going to find … [Read more...]

Multiple Streams of Online Income

Multiple Streams of Income with Jackie Ulmer

 How I Created Multiple Streams of Income Online   It's rumored that Bob Proctor has nearly 90 streams of income! That is diversified. That is truly multiple streams of income. He breaks the categories into: M1 - defined as employment, … [Read more...]

Product Launches When to Stop Buying

Stop Buying Product Launches

Product Launch Secret Formula of the Year! . You've probably experienced this syndrome - bright shiny object! Right? You have, right?! Well, don't feel bad, we all have. Who doesn't want to secret to success, right? The shortcut to … [Read more...]

Facebook Hashtags Reviewed

Facebook Groups and Pages for Business

Facebook Hashtags - what does this mean for YOU and your business. This can be a great way for you to make some better use of your time with engagement. Here is the first thing that came to mind for me - I have 5 minutes to hop on Facebook, how … [Read more...]

How Video Marketing Can Take You to the Top of Google

Tips For YouTube SEO and Lead Generation

Video Marketing Grabs Top Google Spot   If you have followed my blog or trainings for any time at all, you know I am a BIG fan of Video Marketing. It's HOT, and we all know that a picture paints a thousand words, right? Some quick stats, … [Read more...]

Pure Leverage Online Business That Works

Jackie Ulmer Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage Online Business . Does Pure Leverage offer a way for the "average Joe" to finally make money from an online business system? So far, it seems that the answer is yes. Pure Leverage can be a very lucrative program for those who are … [Read more...]

How to Build an Online Global Business When Your Company Isn’t Global


Build a Global Business Online!   If you've read my story, you know that I have a passion for a few things in business: Using the Internet to Build my business... Building a Global Business... Multiple Streams of … [Read more...]

Is Facebook and Social Media Your Electronic Tattoo?

Social Media is Your Electronic Tattoo

. We're All Leaving a Trail of History We Can't Escape I'm a huge fan of TED Talks. Do you watch? This recent talk really captured my attention as I think it is so true, so timely and something not only to be very aware of, but very thoughtful … [Read more...]

My Mistakes Building My Network Marketing Business Online


Are You Making These Mistakes? . When I "discovered" the internet back in October, 1999, and saw it as a huge option for building my Network Marketing business online, I was so excited by the possibilities. I knew, like I knew the sun would … [Read more...]

Facebook Prospecting Made Easy

Jackie Ulmer's Online Business Success

With over 1 billion people now on Facebook, this is a tremendous asset to your Network Marketing and Online business.   Think about it? How many people do you suppose are right under your nose who might be a perfect fit for your business? … [Read more...]

Getting Your Business Online and Marketing Not Advertising

Jackie Ulmer, Stay Out Of Sales Mode in Your Network Marketing Business

There is a big difference between marketing online and advertising online. We all know what an ad is, and we all know what makes us cringe when we see it online. Advertising is blatant and a turn off to networking professionals, and would be … [Read more...]

Your Marketing Funnels

Law of Attraction and Network Marketing

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the "lingo" of online marketing and Marketing Funnels is one of those terms that can really throw people off. In a nutshell, your marketing funnels are just those avenues you use to find people who MIGHT be … [Read more...]

How to Find Prospects For Your Business


        /\   Like this? Share (above)and Tweet it (to the right)! >>>>>>>> And please share your comments and feedback with me below!    One question I am asked frequently is - How do you sponsor so many … [Read more...]