Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales Business

Look For Adventure and Opportunity in Your Direct Sales BusinessYour Direct Sales Business Can Create Amazing Opportunities for You   This week's Mantra and affirmation is - My Life is an exciting adventure filled with opportunity and reward. Let's get into how to Look For Adventure and Opportunity in... [Read more...]

Choosing Between Two Direct Sales Companies

ChoosingBetwwenTwoCompaniesHow Do You Choose the Right Direct Sales Company I'm answering a question from my good friend Dayna, how do you choose between 2 companies, and I'm throwing in my thoughts and experiences trying to work more than one! Hot Controversial Topic! What... [Read more...]

Plan to Succeed in Direct Sales

Plan to Succeed in Direct Sales4 Steps to Direct Sales Success On today's show we are going to go through 4 steps that you can use to plan to succeed in direct sales. Most people look outside of themselves for the answers to success. I promise you if you will get committed... [Read more...]

How Committed Are You to Success in Network Marketing

How Committed Are You in Direct SalesSuccess is More Than Wishing and Hoping in Direct Sales I know you think you want and are committed to building a successful business, but let me ask you - how committed are you to Success in Network Marketing? Commitment to Network Marketing... [Read more...]