Can you “retire” with your business in 2-5 years? How do you do it?

wealth-lifestyle-freedomIt sounds great right? Start a business from home, and retire in 2-5 years living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Is it possible? Can you do it? Are you interested? Did you know it is possible? Let’s explore how…

It takes a serious business plan; a serious commitment and a serious course of action, but then what “retirement plan” doesn’t?

“Retiring” doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing all together, but it can mean leaving behind corporate America and dropping your workweek hours dramatically!

Here are the key steps to focus on in order to accomplish this –

First, start your business. Many people begin with Network Marketing because it has great systems and solid training to achieve success if one is willing to follow the roadmap; training and plan that has already been put into place.

Second, talk to a minimum of 100 people a month about your business. If you have any questions about how to do this or how to find these people, contact your upline, as that is your best resource.

Third, present your business a minimum of 20 times a month. This can be done over the phone; online or in person. This simply involves walking them through the basics of the business – how it works; what we do and how we get paid; and then asking for a decision.

Fourth, set a goal to sponsor between 8 and 12 new people each month. If you are talking to 100 people or more, this will happen for you. Disclaimer – it may take one month, six months or a year for you to get in the groove and begin to hit this goal, but that is no reason not to keep going. In my first company, my average was 1 person every other month. I never hit financial freedom with that company. Today, I do average 8 to 12 a month and I had to keep practicing talking to people to hit that number. So, you can do it if you just will!

Fifth, each month, find the top 3 who are ready to take action and spend some time with each one. Stick like glue and make sure each one knows you are committed. What are their goals; hopes; dreams and how will they each work their business? Take them by the hand and show them what to do.

Sixth, as your leaders grow, teach them each the principles above and watch your business duplicate.

Seventh, this should probably be at the beginning, but write down your reason for doing this business and read it every day! This should be a reason strong enough that if the first 25 people you talk to in the month say “no”, it simply doesn’t matter. You know your goals and you know that each “no” is a step closer to a yes!

What’s your business plan look like this week? Write down those intentions and track them! Share them here and let us cheer you on!

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EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer



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    Very first attitude I had when deciding to work from home over twelve years ago was knowing that I was gonna treat the business like a REAL business. Being coachable, doing whatever it took and never giving up. Everything else fell into place after that!

    Never Give Up!

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    It’s interesting, the thought of talking to 100 people or so seems daunting, and even as I read this, I thought, ‘100 people?!’

    Then I looked at my calendar for this month alone. This is just an example..

    1. I’ve got several parties this month booked. That means 10-15 people minimum at each party that I can get my business in front of.

    2. Three major event. COUNTLESS number of people that I will be getting my business and products in front of.

    3. People who are buying my products individually.

    Can I, and others get our business in front of 100 people monthly? Ya, I think so.

    Thanks for the advice and leadership you continually provide, Jackie!

    In Gratitude,

    Jhanna Dawson
    .-= Jhanna Dawson´s last blog ..Questions That Lead to Thinking…. =-.

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    Thanks Don! Yes, most of us want those instant results and that is just not how it happens. It takes a serious business plan, sticking to that plan and doing the business day after day, and knowing that the results will come over time.

    Keep pushing it forward!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

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    You are so right Bud! Thanks for sharing. The challenge can be getting people to talk to those first 3; and then the next 3, etc. And, it gets easier and easier, but some people quit before they get there.

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

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    Hi Jackie,
    Thank you for the reminder of some of the things that are really so basic. Sometimes you forget from month to month what it takes to move forward and achieve the success you deserve. The saying goes “it’s an easy business but it takes hard work”. I think that gets lost a lot in todays microwave mentality of instant results.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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    Fantastic advice and well-presented….if you are confident in your business and your product, 100 per month should be NO problem! 3 per day..! Is that worth retiring in 2 years? YES!

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