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Welcome to my MLM Training by Video Section. My goal is to offer a more interactive approach to training you on specific topics related to Building Your MLM Business. And, specifically, my passion – Building Your Business Online through Attraction Marketing and Generating Your Own MLM Leads.


So, let me introduce the concepts and philosophies behind how I have put together my online marketing business system; how I market online; my action steps on a daily and weekly basis.


My first website ever is So, some of the videos you’ll see will reference that website. It is similar in content to this site, and is ranked on page 1 in Google for many top search terms so I leave it up and work off both of these sites. You don’t need to do this, however. It’s just because some of my sites have been around so long since I am fast becoming a dinosaur online, ha!


This video gives you an overview of the site and the Why’s and What’s” behind it’s layout and content. You can stop, start and rewind; while taking notes so you get the whole overview of it.






How to get a personal website set up?

This video assures you that you can do it, and you’ll find resources for how to get it done here – Online Business System Set Up; and my company does website set up, and details are on this page!






Now, you want to choose a Domain Name for your site, if you haven’t already. Here is a short training on how to go about selecting one –






What is Attraction Marketing exactly and how does it work –






Struggling with getting traffic to your site and converting leads? Wondering if the Internet is already saturated? How do you set yourself apart? And maybe you’ve bought every “guru” book/course/dvd that’s out there and you are no closer to getting a business actually out online!

Here are the answers to the 5 most common questions I get about successfully building a Network Marketing business online.






Why you want to be online NOW! Don’t miss out on putting this tool to work as one of the tools in your toolbox!






How to “DO” Social Media Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day!






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