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You want to take the next step, right, and get online, but are you confused and overwhelmed about how to get it started? How to maintain it? Where to focus your time? Blog or Website? Branding, argh!

Relax, I have a solution for you and am thrilled to share my 11+ years of experience successfully building a Network Marketing business using the tools of the Internet. This method created a platform that allowed me to be home with my children; build a successful business; and win nearly every award offered, including Top Sponsoring Distributor for 5 years!

And, I was the 2011 Top Sponsoring Team Builder of the Year in my new company, after just over a year!

I earned millions of dollars and became just a enough of a “techie” to want to teach it and make it simple for the masses who don’t have the time or desire to learn some of the ins and outs that I have.

I’ve sponsored well over 1000 people since I started online in October, 1999, and these are all people who came to me; people who I built relationships with online, although we had not met personally. It can be done, and you can do it!

And, I have taken 12 of my own personal sites to a first page ranking on Google; at least 5 to the number 1 spot! Does your webmaster know good Search Engine Optimization? Do you know how to do SEO? If you are shopping around for someone to assist you, make sure you ask them about SEO and how well they have done getting websites ranked. There are no guarantees, but make sure you are working with someone who “gets it.”

What I’ve learned is that many people don’t have the time or interest in learning the more “technical” side of getting the online business system set up; and certainly don’t want to learn SEO, which is what gets you ranked in the Search Engines. What I know is that I do enjoy this and want to get that in place for you so you can focus on the more important aspect online – creating friendships and relationships that lead to your success!


So let’s get started and see what might fit for you. Here are some of the services I make available:



WordPress Blog/Site set up – Choose from 3 custom color template packages (scroll down and see the sites below to choose from); your blog categories and 6 custom pages/titles set up (content not included); Social Media Marketing “Widget” to link to your Profiles (Facebook Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn); and the important Plug Ins for good SEO; includes training video and handout on how to log into your new site; update/add content; creates new pages and blog posts. – $497 ** – order at -


Basic Content Creation – I will create 6 pages of content (the “selling text”) for your website pages including your Home Page; About Me; Business Overview; Getting Started; Information Request; Contact Us. Each page will be Search Engine Optimized for best results. You provide bullet points with key areas to be expanded – $597 – order at - http://jackieulmer.com/createcontent


Complete Site Set Up and Basic Content Creation – Both WordPress Complete Blog/Site set up and Basic Content Creation. This includes the site set up and the content/text on each page that tells your story; sells your company and gives you a site that is ready to go! Includes one hour of coaching on the WordPress Back Office and first steps online – $1097 ** – order at – http://jackieulmer.com/contentandsite


Individual Hourly Coaching For Success – 1 Session; $197customized to fit you. Ready to order? http://JackieUlmer.com/individual


Now that you have the site, are you interested in Online Marketing Mastery? I’ve sponsored well over 1,000 people using the tools of Social Media. These are people who came to me, ready to join me in a business! This mentoring program will teach you exactly what to do with your site and how to promote specifically out online to draw traffic back to your site and contacting you!


You’ll learn:


  • Your Business System – What specific tools you need to create your own “Hub of the Universe”; We’ll specifically cover the WordPress Blog/Site and its importance in your goals
  • Lead Capture and how to entice your prospect to request contact from you
  • Marketing Funnels; what are these and how do they fit in? Specifically Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Creating content – you have to engage your audience on a regular basis, so let’s learn how!
  • Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Strategy
  • Success in 30 minutes a day.Once you have the basic components in place, let’s plot a 30 minute to one hour daily strategy for success!
  • 5 Sessions; $695

Ready to order? http://JackieUlmer.com/coaching



** – a monthly hosting fee of approximately $8.00 monthly applies to all blogging/site packages through our preferred hosting service. This fee includes unlimited blogs; sites; domains and email accounts, as well as super high-end support!


What’s Our Next Step?


Below are the WordPress Site Templates You’ll be choosing from:



Site 1 – See the Site at http://mlm-moms-make-money.com/



Site 2 – See the Site at – http://mlm-online-business.com/



Site 3 – See the site – http://mlmonlinerecruiting.com/


Are you ready? Questions? Contact Me here!