Start an Online Global Biz

I Want to Help You Build a Global Business Online!



See if maybe this sounds like something you’ve pondered….


Have you dreamed of having a large, dynamic, amazing global business? A business where the sun literally NEVER sets on your business because  SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE in the world is ordering and using the products and services you offer.


A business that largely functions through the internet, without the need for you to be there constantly, monitoring it and having your hands in the middle of it….


A business that creates income for you WHEREVER you are – at the beach with the family; playing at the park with the kids; sleeping; or even at home in front of the computer…


All the while, you are offering solid products and services that assist others; and helping those who also want to create what you have – a TRUE win-win!


Does this sound like the vision of the perfect life…perfect business…perfect EVERYTHING?


Does this sound FUN? Lucrative? Like the PERFECT fit?


It is, I promise you!




Do You Already Have a Business You Want to Take Online?




Great, through this page, I am going to share with you a program that provides the tools and training you need to take ANY business you currently have online.




You need a few key components:




Blog, or Hub of the Universe, much like my hub, here at


Lead Capture/Auto-responder system – this allows you to build that highly lucrative, coveted list.


TRAINING on how to do it all, right?




Learn more about these tools and how they can create an online presence for you.




Online Business Tools





Are you looking for a business or do you want to generate multiple streams of income?




The tools and training program have a lucrative affiliate program attached, and if this would interest you, access those details, and learn more about the system we use and have set up to promote this opportunity -




Online Business Tools and Affiliate Income




My goal is not to confuse you, or distract you. If you have a business you love, and are just getting it started, learn about the tools and let’s get you out online with your hub of the universe.




Here is what appealed to me about this program:




Here is the challenge I have faced for over 14 years. I LOVE my network marketing company and I generate 97% of my leads online, people who come to me. (That’s NOT the challenge, ha ha!)


The challenge is that a great number of those people are:


Already with a company they love, but want to be coached by me on my success methods


Already in my company, but also want to be coached by me on my success methods


Not in one of the 7 countries my company does business in. So what to do?


I have been searching for a solution for a while and now I have found it…




How to Build a Global Business When Your Primary Company is Not International




The internet changed everything for me, as it has for all of us, really. It opened the door to a whole new reality; and the whole new possibility of building a global business, from our home (wherever that may be) with our computer, the telephone or skype; or even a smart phone.


Does that dream seem impossible? It’s not!

Here are some key questions I am often asked -


How can I build a global business if my primary company is not international?


How can I begin to develop contacts in other countries before my company opens there?


How can I diversify my income and take advantage of multiple income streams, without leaving my primary company?


How can I find quality training on how to do all of this?




Great questions! And, I had a challenge answering some of these for a long time as I was building my own business online. After all, my goal was a GLOBAL business, and many Network Marketing companies (including my own) are not fully global. Some may be someday, others never will be.


And, the reality is, if you are marketing online – YOU ARE GOING TO CREATE INTERNATIONAL LEADS…people interested in doing business with YOU, joining YOU… and what are you going to offer them?



Building online is about building a brand; a culture, and an overall business that YOU own. Not just your primary company.


If you’ve listened to any of my trainings about online marketing, you know that I teach a few key principles -



You need a personal website/blog that sells YOU first, your business second.


You need a lead capture system, so that people can “opt-in” and let you know that they are interested.


You need to create ongoing content (once a week is FINE!) and this can be written, audio or video.


You want to meet and engage (notice I didn’t say ADVERTISE to) with people on Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


And, you need a business model that YOU own, that you can take anywhere, at anytime….




Since October, 1999, I have had a passion about teaching others how to build the business of their dreams…online. It can be a challenge, right? You probably know that.




My goal is to educate you on the ins and outs of the Internet Marketing industry, while allowing you to earn while you learn. Whatever your primary program.




Through my association with a high end, leveraged training and online tools company, you can build a global business without giving up anything you are currently doing. Use the tools to promote your current business, or promote the program itself and build globally!




That’s what I am doing. I have a primary Network Marketing company that I build, and it is open in 7 countries, currently. And, I expand my business and my reach through This Program, offering anyone, anywhere the tools they need to build online, as well as a business to earn income with.




This training and tools platform provides each member with an Internet Marketing “Tools Suite” that allows you to get started in 15 minutes or less, sharing what you are “Passionate & Knowledgeable” about. The things that stump so many people getting started online are taken care of with this product.



Learn more right now!