How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

I Want to Help You Build Your Network Marketing Business Online!


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You know it’s happening for others, right….

People are successfully building their Network Marketing business online, attracting qualified leads to them on a regular basis. Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube and others play a big part in how it all works. Let’s talk about How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online!

You see it happening, or you think you do…

But, how DOES it all work?

How do you get started? Where do these people come from? How do you get yourself and your business in front of them? How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online?

And, finally, how do you drown out the noise, the overwhelm and the distractions to make it happen?


Is it Possible to Build A Network Marketing Business Online?

Here are the 4 KEY COMPONENTS that EVERY successful ONLINE network marketer has and does to be successful, attract leads and sponsor. Would you like this?

  • Blog, or hub of the universe (You’re here, on mine, so you know this to be true, right?)
  • Lead Capture – how else will you GET and SPONSOR a lead
  • Content – articles, audios and videos – that’s what makes a blog function and the internet go round, right?
  • Social Media – for engaging, connecting, marketing and bringing people BACK to your blog/hub so you can capture them as a lead.
  • MARKETING, MARKETING, MARKETING – you simply MUST learn and master marketing online to do this!

Social Media is NOT your money maker or the starting point. You don’t OWN your facebook page/friends/followers, or even your content there. Nor, Instagram, YouTube or any social network.


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Here’s a little of my story, which may ring a bell…


Six years into my Network Marketing adventure, I had exhausted my warm market, was tired of Networking events, buying leads, running ads, mall walking and running around outside of my home to build my “home business!”

On a fluke, I attended an Internet Marketing seminar, and a whole new world opened up for me…

Once I caught the vision of the Internet, and how it could serve as a tool in my Network Marketing toolbox to attract people to me, I was hooked. That was October of 1999, and it set me on a course that changed my business and my life.

It expanded my vision, and my reach of building a thriving, global business while sitting at my kitchen table with my Laptop and my phone.


Have you dreamed of having a large, dynamic, amazing global business? A business where the sun literally NEVER sets on your business because  SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE in the world is ordering and using the products and services you offer.


A business that largely functions through the internet, without the need for you to be there constantly, monitoring it and having your hands in the middle of it….


A business that creates income for you WHEREVER you are – at the beach with the family; playing at the park with the kids; sleeping; or even at home in front of the computer…


All the while, you are offering solid products and services that assist others; and helping those who also want to create what you have – a TRUE win-win!


Does this sound like the vision of the perfect life…perfect business…perfect EVERYTHING?


Does this sound FUN? Lucrative? Like the PERFECT fit?


It is, I promise you!




Do You Already Have a Business You Want to Take Online?




Great, read on down the page because I am going to share with you the tools and training you need to take ANY business you currently have online.

If you are still looking, learn more about working with me directly in my primary network marketing company, let’s talk. This is a business and a product that EVERYONE can use and benefit from, including Real Estate Agents, Car Sales, Insurance, as well as anyone in Network Marketing, Direct Sales and Party Plan. (We have a marketing tool to help anyone build their own business!) –


To take your business online and build an online presence and following effectively, you need a few key components:



Blog, or Hub of the Universe, much like my hub, here at


Lead Capture/Auto-responder system – this allows you to build that highly lucrative, coveted list.


TRAINING on how to do it all, right?


If you want to shorten the learning curve dramatically, I’ve launched my Direct Sales Online Coaching Program, where you can learn all of this in one easy place.


Blog set up, lead capture, marketing funnels, Creating content, how to use social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and others to attract leads, scripting language for success and MORE!

Learn more at Direct Sales Online Coach.


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