Around the Net in 90 Minutes

Are you feeling frazzled and completely overwhelmed by the big PUZZLE of social media, online tools and how this all comes together to help YOU build a business? Or, more specifically, how to sponsor new team partners and find customers for your business?

You are not alone! That is the #1 piece of feedback I hear from people – HELP! I’m confused, overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!

So, I hosted a Teleseminar complete with a Question and Answer sessions to help you uncover the mystery and begin to use this powerful resource to truly rock out your business and LEVERAGE you time!



So, here is what all of that means:


First, we will start with the importance of getting your business started right and the business skills you’ll need for success!

Next, we are going to talk about what WORKS, and doesn’t work online. You REALLY need to understand this so you don’t “lose your friends” and spin your wheels without any success. Learn the difference between Social vs Sales; Marketing vs. Advertising. And, of course how to build true relationships with people you may have never met, all with the tools of Social Media! And, how to create curiosity with your business!

Then, I am going to show you the “tools” of the Internet – what do you REALLY need to get out there and have a ball, make new friends and attract people to you and your business? It can be so confusing – websites, blogs, lead capture pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more – how does it ALL fit together?

And, if you are overwhelmed by the “technical”, I’m going to show you what REALLY matters, and that is your MARKETING!

And, buckle up because I am going to take you on a whirlwind trip around the ‘Net; into and out of Facebook, MeetUp, LinkedIn and Youtube to show you – profiles; status updates and show you what works and what doesn’t!

Finally, we’ll talk about scheduling your calendar for successhow do you DO this and have it not take ALL of your time? I have the answer for you!

Grab the recording and start rocking out your social media!

And, the best part – the low price of $27 gets you all of this!

Join me now!