Are You Open For Business?

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I recently had a booth at a women’s expo and was amazed at how many vendors really didn’t seem open for business. Have you ever experienced this?

One thing I noticed was how many vendors never got out of their chair to greet those walking by or coming into their booth. Some never made eye contact or offered a simple greeting.

Our booth, on the other hand, was busy as we reached out to people, said hello and invited people to enter our drawing (gathering leads!!!) and we engaged in asking them questions about their favorite subject – THEMSELVES!!

The event was called “Diva Days” so I made it a point to ask each person how they were enjoying being a Diva for the day. This was an ice breaker designed just to get them talking about themselves, their day, their experience, and get their feedback on the event!

We ended the day with some very interested potential business/team partners and customers! We had fun, and we were focused on building relationships.

And, we were not selling anything THAT day! We didn’t have a cashbox, Visa/Mastercard signs or anything they could BUY! We sold ourselves, and generated interest.

I always make it a point to walk around and meet the other vendors (some of your BEST prospects if you work it correctly!) This is how I discovered that many weren’t really OPEN FOR BUSINESS. (Those who didn’t get out of their chairs to greet me or say anything did not make my prospect follow up list.)

Here is the thing – you have to be excited about your business, about your product and let people SEE your enthusiasm. You must be open for business every chance you get. You have to smile, invite people in and give them a reason to WANT to hear about YOU and what YOU are doing! ENGAGEMENT is the key to success.

Learn the art of asking questions of others and then listen with “problem solver” ears! People are LOOKING for a solution to many things. Be the problem solver in their life.

People LIKE to buy things, but they don’t like to be sold!

People are LOOKING for a Plan B, but they have to know you offer one!

Make sure YOU are open for business every day!
EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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