Social Media Marketing Survey

Are you challenged by HOW to really get Social Media Marketing launched as a part of your marketing platform in your Network Marketing business? Are you challenged by: How to get started? What do you REALLY need? How to find … [Read more...]

Launch Your Business Fast

Create a compelling story with your own business launch There are many reasons to launch your business network marketing business quickly and get off to a fast start. After all, you can go fast or slow, and going fast is much more exciting, I … [Read more...]

Go Pro in Network Marketing

What does it mean to "Go Pro" in your network marketing business? Are you part time? Full time? Some time? Do you follow up and stay consistent.... Go Pro today and set your team up for success by modeling good business behavior! Are you … [Read more...]

Managing Your Expectations For Success

Are you aware that most people are going to tell you no about your business when you first approach them? What that means is NOT that your business is bad, your product is wrong, or you are rejected. What it means is that the timing is just not right … [Read more...]

Network Marketing Success Means Collecting Nos

Your job in Network Marketing is to share your business with others, and let them decide for themselves if it's right for them. You will hear some "nos" along the way, so set a goal to collect XX number of goals each day. Stay in touch, follow up … [Read more...]

Scripts For Calling Prospects

Overcoming Network Marketing Call Reluctance

Would you love to know what to say when you sit down to call the prospects on your list? Do you struggle with how to introduce your business? Does the script that is in your company distributor kit seem foreign and too structured to you? Do you feel … [Read more...]

Concerned About What Others Think

Does this describe you? You've started your network marketing business; you've selected a company and a product line that you feel so excited about; you've made your list, and now you are staring at the phone thinking - What if they ask me if … [Read more...]

10 Key Advantages to a Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing is a business built around Residual Income, Helping Others and the Team Environment. Here are the 10 exciting advantages that building a network marketing business offers you! Find a great company with products or services you … [Read more...]

Plan Your Business Week

If it's not on the calendar, it often just doesn't happen. Have you experienced this in your own business? Here is a simple, yet effective tip for making sure that you get the most out of each and every day, week, month and year in your … [Read more...]