Why You Should be Branding “You Inc” and Not Your Company

brand_yourselfYou've likely heard the buzz about branding yourself in Social Media Marketing, right? So how is it done and why is it important? Great question – easy answer; however it does require a planned strategy to reach your goals. Building brand... [Read more...]

My 5 Favorite Excuses For Not Working My Direct Sales Business

Objections in Network MarketingAny of these excuses look familiar? Now, let me be the first to say, I have used every one of these, so I'm not picking on you. My goal is to help you see that excuses will get you no where, and the sooner you let go of them, the faster your... [Read more...]

5 Tips to Move Your Direct Sales Business Forward

PLANWhether you are in Party Plan or Network Marketing, these 5 Tips are for you, if you are serious about moving your business forward.   Tip #1 – Host Your Own Party – this can be a business launch party, for those in Network Marketing; or... [Read more...]

WAHMs and Direct Sales – Are You Wondering If You Can Be Successful?

Direct Sales WAHM SuccessDirect Sales WAHM Success Have you ever wondered if you can really be a Direct Sales WAHM Success, building to the top in a Network Marketing or Party Plan Business? I'm here to assure you that you can. As someone who has made all of the mistakes... [Read more...]

Creating Powerful Relationships and Business Partnerships on Facebook

Relationships-726654What's more important to you in your "friendships" on Facebook or any other Social Media Marketing site - Quality or Quantity? I hope your answer is quality. What's the point of 5000 "friends"  if they don't know who you are; aren't interested... [Read more...]