What Does It Take to be Successful in Direct Sales and Network Marketing?

bigstockphoto_Key_To_Success_509650So, what does it take, REALLY to be Successful in Direct Sales? Thanks to John Fogg for engaging me in a fun conversation and drawing out my top 5 for what it takes to be successful and the rest of the story.... Please let me know if any of... [Read more...]

Your Warm Market List is DEAD – Or Is It?

networking1Old School, New School - Should You Make a List and Contact Them? As the Internet sprang to life in the early 2000s, a lot of focus was shifted from the traditional methods of getting started in Network Marketing, and specifically away from the... [Read more...]

How To Develop Your Prospecting Phone Skills

Jackie Ulmer Says NO to 100 Dials a Day in MLMGreat Phone Skills To Turbo Charge Your Prospecting Great phone skills are important to your Direct Sales and Network Marketing Business and here is some good news - These skills can be developed. Do you ever worry that you are stumbling... [Read more...]

Over Posting Your Opportunity? How’s That Working For Ya? Remember this

megaphonesSo many get started in Social Media Marketing (especially Network Marketers); have no idea what they are doing and they make some serious mistakes. One, of course is blatant advertising and spamming. Every Tweet is a link to the next best thing... [Read more...]

Setting Up Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Jackie Ulmer shares Facebook Tips for Friend Connections  Struggling to set up a Social Media Marketing plan for your business? You know you should be doing something, but what? How does this whole thing really work, anyway? First, keep the main thing, the main thing - The only thing you want... [Read more...]