Do You “Justify” Your Lack of Action in Direct Sales?

What's Missing in Your BusinessNetwork Marketing is a business of duplication and being coachable. If we aren't willing to take on the "coachable" part, it often slows down or completely stops the "Duplication" part of things.   When we are new, we also try to... [Read more...]

Do You Wonder if You Will EVER Make Money in Direct Sales and MLM?

Do You Wonder When You'll Make Money in MLMWell, if you haven’t made any money you may well be worried that you are just throwing money down a big money pit. Sound familiar?   And, if you are at the very beginning, with an established team and company but the growth seems SO SLOW,... [Read more...]

Responding When Direct Sales MLM Companies Have Challenges

Is Your MLM Company in the Hot SeatProbably like you, I've been online long enough to have seen plenty of MLM companies serve their time in the "hot seat" of media or other scrutiny. Really, it's a sad time for us all because bottom line - the media loves to show over hyped... [Read more...]

Do You “Buy” People Into Your Direct Sales MLM Business?

danglingcarrotDo You Offer Incentives to Join Your MLM?   Recently, an email landed in my box from a prospect that I have interacted with for the last 6 months or so. I sent out my New Year's blast to my leads and invited them to take a second look... [Read more...]

Why the Internet Might Work Better For Me Part 2

online_business_networkingOnline Business Building promises many things, not the least of which is a steady stream of pre-qualified leads coming to you. But, can you really do it? If you missed Part 1 of this series, you might want to read about it here first, so you get... [Read more...]

Direct Sales Time Management and Your Business Plan

calendar2It seems simple enough - block the time and do the action steps. But are you making the most of your time and your action steps? Taking some thoughts from the inspiring and thought provoking book, "The Last Lecture," here are 3 simple ideas for... [Read more...]